The Vampire Diaries recap: Let it Burn

Jeremy's fate is revealed, as are Elena's and Bonnie's dangerous next moves
Ep. 15 | Aired Feb 21, 2013

TEA TIME Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Matt (Zach Roerig) share their non-alcoholic beverage of choice.

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Rebekah, still on the island, got spooked by Vaughn when he showed her the mask Silas had been wearing and told her that no one’s ever seen his face. So how can you hide from the devil when you don’t know what he looks like? True. He wants Rebekah to find the cure and use it to kill Silas. If not, vampires and humans are all doomed, Vaughn said.

Bonnie and Damon drove up to Elena's house, and Damon immediately told Caroline to get him Stefan. Apparently Bonnie had shared her plan with him on the trip home. If DAMON says your plan for carnage is wrong, it’s wrong. As Bonnie told Matt, Caroline, and Elena what she needed to do, we flashed back to Shane telling Bonnie on the island: So Qetsiyah knew Silas would want to die and be with his true love, so she created "the Other Side" -- a purgatory for all supernatural beings -- insuring that if he did die, he’d end up there forever. So Silas needs Bonnie to get rid of the Other Side. If she drops the veil, then ALL the supernatural creatures who’ve ever died since the Other Side was created will be back, including Grams and Jeremy. Shane told Bonnie she WOULD do this.

Caroline, of course, immediately said this was crazy talk, and Matt agreed. Bonnie fought with them and Elena just stared ahead. The phone rang, and it was April trying to reach Jeremy. I knew what Elena would say, that this would be the moment she admitted Jeremy was gone. But man, poor April for having to hear it: “Jeremy can’t come to the phone right now, he’s not -- I’m sorry, he’s dead.”

Elena went upstairs and now smelled what everyone else had. I honestly thought Jeremy might, in fact, be bloated when she pulled back the blanket. Luckily, he wasn’t. Damon came in, and she wouldn’t listen to him. She went downstairs and asked for Bonnie. Matt was taking her home, so Elena said they’d have to do this the old-fashioned way. I didn’t get it at first: She wanted to burn the house down with Jeremy it. It was a good cover story. Plus, she didn’t want the memories of everyone she’s lost. She was scaring me, too, Caroline, as she dosed the house and Jeremy with lighter fluid. She lit a match and dropped it when it started to burn her fingers. Luckily, Damon caught it. Elena collapsed to the floor and wailed. The pain hurt too much. She just wanted it to stop. Stefan told Damon to help her, and here’s what made this whole episode worth it: DAMON TOLD HER TO TURN IT OFF. He said it would all go away. It’s what he wanted her to do. She stared ahead. And then did it.

Matt took Bonnie home, and she told him not to worry, she’d bring Jeremy back. I guess they all just figured they’d deal with her another day. Shane appeared outside Bonnie’s door in full-on creepy mode. He’s totally Shilas now, right? Bonnie hadn’t seemed herself in the car, but then she was herself here when she asked Shane about his lie: If bringing down the veil brings back the supernatural, the folks at the Pastor Young farm are still dead. A necessary sacrifice, Shane said. They’ve found peace, that’s all anyone wants, including Silas. Shane said they’d do this together. “We are the beginning.”

Rebekah was still on the island looking for, what, I'm not sure. A way off? Katherine? She stumbled onto Shane’s body. He looked dead, but he grabbed her leg as she walked by. “Silas,” he eeked out. Was that a warning or what? Confused!

Matt broke down in his car. Normally, I appreciate him crying. Maybe it's because I've had a migraine most of the day, but that felt like a strange cut to me, even though he has every right to weep. I assume it was meant to contrast with cold-hearted Elena just staring at the old photo of her and Jeremy. Outside, Stefan told Damon it was a mistake to turn off Elena’s humanity, since it was all she had left, and Damon said humanity means nothing if you don’t have someone to care about. Stefan said she had Damon, and Damon said he wasn’t enough this time -- she’d lost her brother. Ah. That was the best moment: I wanted to know for certain that Damon hadn’t turned off her emotions because it’s what he’s always wanted. He truly thinks she wouldn’t survive losing her brother because he couldn’t. His plan is for them to keep an eye on her, and then Damon will eventually use the sire bond to bring her humanity back. Good luck! The moment got even better. Damon told Stefan their differences over Elena mean nothing now, and Stefan started to tell Damon what he couldn’t actually say -- I love you. Damon said he knew and put his hand on Stefan’s shoulder. I teared up. And rewound. And wanted to call my sister.

I thought the episode was over, but no. The brothers went back inside to find Elena with another lit match. This was still the best cover story, she said -- again, despite the fact that she told April that Jeremy was dead way before the fire actually “killed him.” Stefan tried to tell her that maybe one day she’ll want to come home, but she said she wouldn’t. She dropped the match, and we watched them walk out as the flames built. We saw Jeremy on fire. Again, like a punch to the gut. This is real. He's gone. Unless Silas gets his way...

How are you feeling? Do you really believe Silas wants to end "the Other Side" so he can die and reunite with his lady love in death? Qetsiyah killed that woman before Silas turned her immortal, right? So did Qetsiyah tell Silas that if he took the cure he'd go to that place, and that's why he never took it? He waited to be freed so he could bring down the veil and THEN take the cure?

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