The Vampire Diaries recap: Let it Burn

Jeremy's fate is revealed, as are Elena's and Bonnie's dangerous next moves
Ep. 15 | Aired Feb 21, 2013

TEA TIME Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Matt (Zach Roerig) share their non-alcoholic beverage of choice.

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On the island, Damon had a large knife to Vaughn’s throat because he assumed Vaughn had helped Katherine “bone” him. They couldn’t kill him, but Rebekah was prepared to go Zero Dark Thirty on him (which Damon always approves of) and Vaughn spilled everything: He was tracking vampire dens in Colorado when Katherine found him and said she could lead him to Silas. Katherine already knew about the Hunter’s mark and cure, having found Hayley in New Orleans. Katherine getting hooked up with Hayley seems like a megastretch, but since this leads to me seeing Elijah again, I’m cool with it. Damon left Vaughn with Rebekah, so she could pursue her lead on the cure, and he was off to find Bonnie. That really is why he stayed behind: He knows Elena couldn’t survive losing her best friend, too.

Bonnie was hearing what a large role she’s supposed to play now that Silas is up. Shane said Silas was a witch, but when he became immortal, he lost his ability to do magic. So he needs Bonnie to do his work raising the dead. That’s why Shane has been teaching her Expression. Those three massacres mark the earth with power that she can tap into. Oh, and he needs her to help do that third massacre of 12 people. Bonnie said no, and Shane grabbed her. She ran and tripped over Jeremy’s dying body. "Jeremy" asked her to help him and she performed CPR on the earth and enough magic for a prolonged wind gust. But Jeremy disappeared. Bonnie said she’d do whatever it takes. Ugh.

Meredith bumped up the AC to preserve Jeremy’s body and talked with Stefan about how watching someone in denial is the hardest part for people like them: All they can do is brace for impact. He got a call from Damon, whom he told to get his sire butt back now. Stefan would go looking for Bonnie if need be. Luckily, Bonnie walked out of the woods and found Damon, who hugged her. Ah. I would have liked to enjoy that moment, but I was kinda busy hating Bonnie. She told him she knows what to do to bring Jeremy back.

Matt really did want to take Elena some place. The stoner pit at the school, where Jeremy had long ago graffiti’d about his love of Vicki. I was a little confused by this scene: Matt’s point seemed to be that in this crazy town, it’s okay to have hope. Which was nice. But even though they didn't know Bonnie's plan, Elena's hope still involved magic and resurrecting Jeremy somehow. When Matt got to see his sister again through magic, she’d tried to kill Elena. So you know, the moral here should still be resurrection is bad. Stefan called Elena and told her Damon and Bonnie were on their way back and Bonnie has an idea.

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