The Vampire Diaries recap: Let it Burn

Jeremy's fate is revealed, as are Elena's and Bonnie's dangerous next moves
Ep. 15 | Aired Feb 21, 2013

TEA TIME Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Matt (Zach Roerig) share their non-alcoholic beverage of choice.

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Caroline left Tyler a voicemail to call her (he never would), and Stefan tried to give her a pep talk: Katherine had been running from Klaus for 500 years, so it is possible Tyler will be okay. Stefan presumes that’s why she stole the cure, so she could use it to bargain with Klaus. But how did she find out about the cure hunt, and why was she hanging around them for weeks? I wish there was a flashback montage of her lurking.

Caroline went into her version of Anya’s “I don’t know what to do” speech after Joyce’s death on Buffy, but of course, she rattled off her to-do list: Get Matt there for Elena, ask her mother what to do about a cover story and funeral, and make a casserole or whatever else people are supposed to do. Anyone else think it’s weird that she’s pretending she hasn’t seen a ton of people die? She went to leave but turned around. “What’s that smell?” she asked. “It’s his body. He’s starting to decompose,” Stefan said. Whoa. Not sure how I feel about that. I guess they have to keep reinforcing to us that he’s gone and this time it's different. Stefan told Caroline to get Dr. Fell there.

On the island, Rebekah assumed Damon wasn't strong enough to handle a grieving Elena, and he used her as a shield to stop an incoming arrow from Vaughn. Damon caught up to Vaughn and knocked him out. Meanwhile, Bonnie was busy sobbing over Jeremy and trying to start a forest fire with her own grief. Shane told her she was going to help Silas, and she’d see Jeremy again. (So that's what all that mind control was back in Shane's office?)

Meredith did a quick examination of Jeremy as Elena babbled about Alaric having been dead for a day once and Jeremy now having died enough times that they’ll have to watch him to make sure he doesn’t go crazy like Alaric had. Meredith went into doctor mode and told her how Jeremy’s body would start to bloat if they didn’t get him to a funeral home soon. More uncomfortable tough talk -- that made it feel damn real. Elena shoved Meredith and started saying they needed magic. Someone had to bring her Bonnie. Did you see the way Stefan let his forehead touch the back of Elena's as he held her back? Sweet. And then Matt arrived and started to tear up. Elena hugged him and told him Bonnie would be there and everything would be fine. She just kept repeating it.

After the commercial break, Matt and Elena were magically composed and drinking their usual cup of Grief Tea and toasted to Damon logic (being mean to the people you care about, which means he loves Bonnie). Matt didn’t drug her this time, but I thought he'd asked her to go someplace with him so Meredith and Stefan could remove the body. But would they really take the body away without her consent? (No, it turns out.)

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