The Vampire Diaries recap: The Rise and Fall

The race for the cure takes a tragic turn as Silas is reached
Ep. 14 | Aired Feb 14, 2013

LOOSE END Shocker: Seeing Damon (Ian Somerhalder) like this wasn't the most exciting moment in the episode.

Back to Silas: As Jeremy beat him with a rock, Bonnie tried to tell Jeremy they’d find a way to get the cure without raising him. Just then, we heard the sound of knife stabbing Bonnie in the back: It was Vaughn. He told Jeremy not to listen to the witch -- they had to raise Silas and do it now. With Bonnie already bleeding, why didn’t Vaughn just use her blood? Does it have to be blood from one of The Five to raise him? (That would explain why Katherine had saved Jeremy on the island before.) Vaughn cut his own hand and started dripping blood over Silas. Jeremy went Bourne on his ass, but Vaughn was the more experienced fighter. He was about to finish Jeremy off, when “Elena” sped in. Jeremy reminded her of the Hunter’s Curse, right before she took a bite out of Vaughn's neck. She just knocked him out instead. Definitely Katherine, I thought.

Over to Klaus... He walked out of Elena's house. He told Caroline he assumed he was free because something had happened to Bonnie. He also said he’d never hurt Caroline except for impaling her, and that he’d shown kindness, forgiveness, and pity -- for her.

Stefan finally caught up to bleeding Elena, who confirmed that Katherine was there. Jeremy had wanted “Elena” to feed Bonnie her blood to save her, but “Elena” wanted Jeremy to raise Silas first. Katherine finally grew impatient and grabbed Jeremy, slit his wrist, and put it in Silas’ mouth. His eyes lit up. To speed things up, Katherine bit Jeremy’s neck and shoved it in Silas’ mouth. Silas raised his hand to hold Jeremy’s head in place and Katherine grabbed the box. She could have taken a second to yank Jeremy out of Silas' bite -- Silas couldn't be full strength yet, right? -- but she fled. Silas snapped Jeremy’s neck and he fell, looking really, really dead. Had he already drained Jeremy of all his blood? Again, does Jeremy's ring not work because he's a Hunter? Or because it was Silas who drained him? OR WHAT JUST HAPPENED?! All Bonnie could do was lie there looking paralyzed and stare helplessly at Jeremy. Man, worst Valentine's Date ever. What if we never see that chest again, you guys?

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