The Vampire Diaries recap: The Rise and Fall

The race for the cure takes a tragic turn as Silas is reached
Ep. 14 | Aired Feb 14, 2013

LOOSE END Shocker: Seeing Damon (Ian Somerhalder) like this wasn't the most exciting moment in the episode.

Jeremy clearly thought it was romantic that he and Bonnie were on this mission together. That is, until she started talking to Grams, who only she could see and hear. Now the minute Grams started telling Bonnie that all she had to do to bring her back to life for good was reach Silas and "feed him," I called bull. Grams would never violate nature like that. Jeremy was able to snap Bonnie out of it, because if it was really the ghost of Grams, he’d be able to see her since he can see ghosts. He guessed it was Silas trying to control Bonnie through a hallucination, as he had done with Shane. The tears in Kat Graham’s eyes were beautiful. Jeremy held her hand and told her to listen to the sound of his voice only. Ah, Jeremy. I was sorta surprised he was that smart and in control, but it was nice to see.

Caroline tried to convince Klaus that he didn’t have to forgive Tyler, he just needed to let him live far away from Mystic Falls. Klaus resisted, and we veered off into a conversation about whether Caroline would take the cure if she had the chance. Klaus knew she wouldn’t, she’s like him: She likes being strong, ageless, fearless. That makes total sense. Caroline turned it around on Klaus: If they’re so much alike, he should show Tyler the mercy she’d show Klaus. For a moment, it appeared she’d gotten through to him. We heard the epic love theme in the background. But the only mercy Klaus would show Tyler, for Caroline’s sake, was a head start.

Stefan finally freed Damon, and Damon insisted Stefan go help Elena get the cure while he sat, sulked, and recovered. Stefan didn’t waste time telling Damon that they had to save the dose for Klaus. On he went. Elena was still on her own -- except for whoever jumped out and attacked her. That's when I realized it was Katherine.

On Elena’s porch swing, Caroline said a tearful goodbye to Tyler. They’re immortal, he reminded her. “This isn’t goodbye, this is until we find a way,” he said. Beautiful line. Also simultaneously heartwarming and heartbreaking was her response: She told Tyler if they couldn’t find a way, he had to promise he’d live a full, happy life without her and never think of her again. For her sake, he said it. They kissed. He slowly walked away. And Caroline sat there crying. Where's Tyler going? And how long will he be gone?

Stefan came to the Pass Professor Shane part of the game. Shane insisted he never knew there was only one dose, and he tried to barter his guide skills for some of Stefan’s healing blood, but Stefan refused. As Stefan went on, bleeding Shane saw another hallucination of his wife. Can he bleed out and die, please?

Bonnie and Jeremy reached Silas, who was clutching a box they presumed contained the cure. It was “fossilized in place,” Bonnie said. Trying to remove it was like trying to bend stone. Bonnie realized he’d been frozen like this for 2,000 years, and, perhaps remembering what faux Grams had said, she knew what they had to do: They had to feed him their blood to loosen his grip. They had to wake him up.

Speaking of waking up, Damon had crawled over to Rebekah and picked the stake shrapnel out of her back. She knew he hadn't gone with Elena and Stefan because he wanted Elena to have the cure, even if she may not love him back then, which meant he was being selfless with her and was now a "halfway decent person."

NEXT: Can we still like Katherine?

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