The Vampire Diaries recap: View to a Kill

Elena and Jeremy face off against Kol, as Stefan and Rebekah have a dance and a heart-to-heart
Ep. 12 | Aired Jan 31, 2013

WANTED DAGGERED OR ALIVE Stefan (Paul Wesley) took Rebekah (Claire Holt) to the canceled '80s decade dance. Awesome.

Tina Rowden/The CW

At the high school, Stefan and Rebekah broke in to the gymnasium, which was still full of balloons and had neon lights on the walls. Where does this dance budget come from?! She was looking cuter than Madonna, and I’d say he was a cross between Top Gun and Karate Kid’s Cobra Kai. Stefan needed to stall, because Matt was still hunting for the dagger, so he put on music -- The Cure. FUNNY! As “Lovesong” played, Stefan gave Rebekah a crash course in ‘80s movies -- the grand romantic gestures of Say Anything and The Princess Bride, and the unlikely alliances of The Breakfast Club. “Love, friendship, the possibility of anything happening,” Stefan said -- she would have loved that decade because as much as they hate to admit it, they care about those things. After pinning her with a koala clip-on (I don't remember those at all), Stefan asked her to dance.

Jeremy went home to find Elena alone at the house. When the doorbell rang, they assumed it was Bonnie. Wrong! It was Kol, who apparently hung around to hear what Jeremy and Elena would talk about when Jeremy returned. Those Originals are smart. He denied her request for a truce. Elena shut the door, but he’d been invited in. Hide and seek, it is.

Bonnie told her mother and father about the cure and that she needed to go if she wanted to save Abby. Abby said Bonnie was the one who needed to be saved, and grabbed her. Was I getting my wish? No, she just used some kind of powder to knock Bonnie out. Bored now.

You know who else was bored? Damon and Klaus, the latter of whom was infuriated by Stefan’s lack of communication. “It’s one of his trademarks, like his brooding and his hair,” Damon said. Ha! Klaus entertained himself trying to wind Damon up. He pointed out how Stefan had fought so hard to fight Klaus' compulsion to feed on Elena that he was able to momentarily beat it. Whereas Damon couldn’t resist Kol’s to kill Jeremy. Damon may love Elena, Klaus said, but will Elena see that Stefan is the greater love when they find the cure? Klaus thinks that’s what’ll happen, and he believes Damon does, too.

Kol called Klaus at that moment. He assumed that Klaus was in on this plan to kill him. He said he was going to rip off Jeremy’s arm and kill Elena and then come for him. Elena fired an arrow at Kol’s leg. WHAT? That seemed like the worst plan ever, Elena. Klaus, meanwhile, freaked out and asked Damon what Stefan and Elena were planning. Damon genuinely didn’t know. Klaus thought he’d compelled Damon to stay in the cellar, but Damon had been drinking that bottled water Stefan gave him, which had vervain in it. Or so that's what I thought. Unlike Elena, who I assume wouldn't have had time to build up a tolerance to digested vervain, Damon has that. But then, if Damon could leave, where did he go? We didn't see him again until the end of the hour.

NEXT: Rebekah's big reveal, and the Gilbert kitchen of death

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