The Vampire Diaries recap: No Feelings, No Attachments

Kol toys with Jeremy and Damon, while Stefan learns to enjoy himself again
Ep. 11 | Aired Jan 24, 2013

CHANGE IN PLANS Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) is going to hunt Kol now. He's pretty cute, so let's just dagger him, y'all.

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Damon and Jeremy headed back to the bar to hunt the new vamps, and we didn't yet know how funny it was that Damon told Jeremy, "I’m trying to keep you alive, dumbass." Inside, they followed a blood trail -- that will never come out Jeremy’s shoe soles -- and found a pile of dead bodies. Kol was there, looking adorable as always. He still had blood on his hands when he offered the guys a drink. "He’s underage and I don’t like you," Damon cracked. Kol cut to the chase and told them that finding the cure risks the awakening of Silas. Damon didn't care so much. So Kol continued: A few hundred years back, he came across a group of Silas’ followers. They said Silas would rise again and trigger the end of all time, which sounds dangerous even to an immortal. So he murdered all of them. He can’t sit back and let this race for the cure happen. Kol didn’t want to kill Jeremy and suffer the hunter’s curse. So he decided to rip off his arms. Solid plan, actually. That's one of the reasons I'm excited for this potential Originals spinoff: They're just smarter and more creative than normal vamps. Damon told Jeremy to run and fought Kol, who really should have just snapped Damon’s neck but didn’t. Turns out he had a good reason.

Stefan and Rebekah, meanwhile, took advantage of Shane's detainment and looked through his office for the headstone. "Don’t Ripper out on me, we’ll find it," Rebekah assured a tense Stefan. She said he needed a release. I'm guessing we all thought the same thing: He hasn't had sex in a while. She suggested they burn through some of Shane's herbs, and when he declined, she said he wasn’t as fun as he was in the ‘20s. He admitted they had a little bit of fun back then. This is when I decided I like the new Stefan because I catcalled him in my notes ("Looking good!").

But back to Shane. Bonnie convinced her father to let her question Shane since he's most likely to come clean to her, and what do you know, he confessed again. He said that Rebekah was telling the truth when she said he'd admitted orchestrating the deaths of Pastor Young and the 11 other Council members.

Next, we caught up with Elena, who'd heard from Jeremy that Kol had Damon. She went to see Klaus to beg him to call off Kol. She convinced him that they were all on the same team to a point -- Team Cure Should Be Found. They only differed on how to use it. So Klaus called Kol and told him to stay away from Jeremy, and if causes any more trouble, he'd end up back in a box. Kol agreed that he wouldn't touch Jeremy, but again, he's a clever man: He had Damon slowly staking himself to confirm that Damon could be compelled. Kol told Damon he wouldn't remember him saying this, but he was to find Jeremy and kill him. I love when, as a viewer, you find yourself saying, "Oh s---," excitedly. This is huge.

NEXT: Rebekah and Stefan almost get it on

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