The Vampire Diaries recap: Truth or Dare

Rebekah forces Elena to say things Stefan didn't want to hear, and the race for the cure takes an interesting turn
Ep. 10 | Aired Jan 17, 2013

DREAM TEAM Rebekah (Claire Holt) and Stefan (Paul Wesley) have now joined forces.

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After we watched Jeremy save Matt from Pizza Girl and admired his muscles, we went back to the school. Bonnie stumbled upon April in the science room, and April told her that Rebekah was getting Elena, Stefan, and Caroline to tell the truth. Bonnie knew Shane couldn't be compelled and that Rebekah would torture him, so she used the pendant to do a protection spell. Only it linked Shane to April, who started coughing up water as Kol repeatedly dunked Shane's head while asking where the cure was. Rebekah couldn't understand why Shane even wanted the cure since he's human. And he said he doesn't. He just wants Silas, the first Immortal, who's imprisoned with it. Now this got interesting: Kol said "Silas will kill us all," and Rebekah said he's not real, he's just a fairy tale. Shane insisted he's real, that he knows where he's buried, and that soon he'll have the spell that wakes him. Apparently you need his tombstone and dozens to die in a blood sacrifice. Shane's done it before. He's the one who got the Council blown up. Shane said those deaths were noble -- and temporary. "Because once I raise Silas, Silas will raise the dead. He will bring back every last soul who died on his behalf." And then, Kol impaled him.

So many questions: Why does Silas want to kill the Originals, and therefore all vampires? So Shane's wife and child died in one of these massacres? Do the sacrifices come back as human? How many dozen sacrifices does it take to get to Silas?

While Stefan and Elena worked together to protect themselves from werewolf Tyler, Kol and Rebekah fought. He said Silas would be "hell on earth," so Rebekah should thank him. But she wasn't in a forgiving mood, thinking Shane was dead along with her advantage in the race to the cure. It's probably worth remembering that Kol now has possession of the white oak stake. Once they left, Shane awoke. Let the record also show that he's sexier wet than he is dry. If he was alive, that meant April was dying -- there must be a balance (RIP, Uncle John). Luckily, Stefan and Elena got there in time for Stefan to feed her his blood. He told Bonnie, who felt nothing but more power doing that spell, to get April out of the school. He and Elena had to stay there because Rebekah told them not to leave.

For some reason, Elena thought this was a good time for her and Stefan to talk about Damon. Stefan didn't. "How many more ways are there for you to rip my heart out?" he asked. All Elena could say was that she was sorry she hurt him. Rebekah needed cheered up so she found them. "Why are my least favorite people always the most durable?" she asked. (Because they are the stars of the show?) Caroline was also safe. She'd found Tyler in the gym, lying naked in the fetal position in front of his mother's makeshift memorial. She held him as he broke down and apologized. "This whole thing, this is all my fault," he said. "I should have saved her." Oh, Tyler. I am such a sucker for weeping, naked werewolves.

But back to Rebekah: She couldn't believe that Stefan was still protecting Elena. Was she going to have to rip out his heart and show him the scar tissue? She said there was a solution: She could compel him to forget Elena -- erase every memory, kiss, lie, ounce of pain, bit of love. He wouldn't know Elena or the misery. "Do it," Stefan said. "Erase it all, every memory." Elena protested, but there was no need. Rebekah had no intention of making it that easy on Stefan. "I refuse to make you forget her the way Klaus made you forget me," she said. And to Elena: "But at least you know how he really feels." She told them Stefan's eternity of pain was her revenge, and they were free to go. Stefan walked out without saying a word to Elena, who had tears in her eyes. I liked that: The school is where Klaus had made Stefan turn off his humanity, in front of Elena. And it's where Rebekah made him pay the ultimate price for feeling the human emotion of love for Elena.

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