Under the Dome recap: 'The Red Door'

A fatherly kidnapping and a hunt for a red door is just another day in Zenith.
Ep. 09 | Aired Aug 25, 2014

WE HAVE TO GO BACK After getting abducted and tortured, Barbie must decide whether to stay in Zenith or go back under the Dome.

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The people in Zenith aren't the only ones dealing with drama. Sheriff Big Jim, who found out that Barbie made it out of the Dome, is using his "detective" skills to get to the bottom of it all. Luckily, he doesn't have to work too hard to find out what's going on because Junior, who stupidly decides to trust his dad, admits that Barbie is alive, tells his dad about the egg, and shows him the cliff. Standing at the cliff's edge, Big Jim has a Moses-like moment and decides that it his duty to lead his people out from under the dome through the cliff. (It's clear the writers at least intended some comparison to the Biblical story here because in the scene before this, Lyle was talking about Passover.)

Elsewhere, Julia, the kids, and Melanie are eagerly awaiting another email from Barbie. They eventually receive an email, but it's not from Barbie. It's from Don and contains a video message from him. Pretending again to be a caring father, he pleads with Julia to hand over the egg to save Barbie, and to make sure he's convinced her, he says at the end of the video, "It's an unfortunate way to meet the woman who means so much to my son." Obviously, Julia starts to consider handing over the egg because... love, but encounters opposition from Melanie, who recognized Don's voice during the video, but didn't know from where. In a fairly hilarious exchange, Melanie points out that Julia keeps saying that the Dome is there to protect them, to which Joe and Norrie point out the obvious that the Dome has, in fact, been doing the opposite. In the end, Melanie storms off right as Rebecca comes in to warn them that Big Jim knows everything and is looking for the egg.

Since the incident with Barbie at the Dome wall, Don's security force has doubled it's presence around the edge of the Dome. Big Jim decides to negotiate with them. He says that he'll give them the egg if they let the people of Chester's Mill out. The head soldier says no. Big Jim then says he'll give it to them if they let him and Junior out, and the soldier says yes and shows him the location of the egg.

Junior moves the egg before Big Jim can get to it, and on his ways to hide it, he meets up with Melanie. Junior decides to hide the egg "right under his father's nose" in the cellar where he had Angie locked up. As Junior gets ready to leave, Melanie asks if they can lay on the bed together because it's peaceful down there. She wants to "enjoy the peacefulness with him," and hopefully feel less alone. The image of them cuddling on the bed is far from cute and is disturbing when you remember that this is where Junior held a girl hostage. Thankfully, it's clear from his face that Junior is also a bit uncomfortable with the moment. All together, there's just a bit too much creepiness in the cellar.

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