Under the Dome recap: 'In the Dark'

The dome kicks up a dust storm while Barbie, Sam, and Junior explore a tunnel; trouble and resolution follows.
Ep. 06 | Aired Aug 4, 2014

CAVE MAN Barbie gets trapped with Sam in the tunnel when Junior makes a too-quick decision.

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At the beginning of "In the Dark," Joe and Norrie are still arguing about Joe kissing Melanie, and Norrie tells Joe that she doesn't love him—which actually makes sense since they've only known each other for two weeks. However, by the end of the episode, they have made up and Norrie is telling Joe she loves him because (a) the threat of Lyle trying to kill them brings them closer together (ugh!) and (b) Melanie has moved onto hitting on Junior because she's very desperate and "wants to feel normal." (Since she's technically his mother's age, does that make her a cougar?) C'mon Norrie, you were one of the few sensible characters under the dome!

After Junior is cut off from Barbie and Sam, he and Melanie run to find Norrie and Joe. They eventually find the two lovebirds and decide that the best thing to do is to retrieve the egg from the lake because Melanie's connection may give them answers. The Four Find-Outers head out onto the lake, hold their hands over the water and feel really hard until the egg rises from the lake. Once home, they all place their hands on the egg and falling pink stars fill the room. And in those pink stars, we see the obelisk from Junior's dream in the season premiere, which we learn is from Melanie and Barbie's hometown Zenith. What does this mean? Who knows?

"In the Dark" might not have featured much of Under the Dome's patented ridiculousness, but it was also rather boring. With each passing episode, the crises of the week get less and less threatening, and this week's dust storm came across as a minor annoyance. For a serialized drama, Under the Dome really lacks suspense. The Barbie/Sam and Julia/Rebecca pairings could have been compelling, but the exchanges introduced very little new information. The same can be said of the reintroduction of the egg. After a season and a half, we still don't know exactly what it is and what its purpose is apart from teaching our characters the difference between ascending and descending.


–It's clear to everyone except for the characters that the tunnel leads to a portal to the outside world, right? Also, Sam definitely isn't dead.

–Does the egg remind anyone else of the Veritas/Kandor orb from the seventh and ninth seasons of Smallville?

–"How many ways do you know how to kill people?" Julia asks Rebecca.

–Why does Julia keep insisting that The Dome is benevolent? Has she not been paying attention for the past two weeks? The Dome threatens their survival everyday with a new catastrophe.


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