Under the Dome recap: 'In the Dark'

The dome kicks up a dust storm while Barbie, Sam, and Junior explore a tunnel; trouble and resolution follows.
Ep. 06 | Aired Aug 4, 2014

CAVE MAN Barbie gets trapped with Sam in the tunnel when Junior makes a too-quick decision.

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Raise your hand if you knew that Julia would make a terrible town leader.

Tonight, Julia makes several bad decisions—as expected. First, she foolishly tells Big Jim of her plan to hold elections for town leader. Big Jim, who briefly assumes the voice of reason this week, points out how stupid this decision is and how inconsistent the townspeople are, and calls Julia's intelligence into question (he's very late to the party—we've been doing that for a season and a half already). He hilariously says to Julia,  "That's interesting. You're gonna put a town on the brink in the hands of scared and desperate people. Is there a brain under that hair?"

This week's crisis involves a dust storm, or as the promos for "In the Dark" called it, "the deadliest storm" to hit Chester's Mill. Early on in the episode, Rebecca explains that the dust storm has the potential to cut off the town's air supply by clogging the Dome walls. The dust storm's main purpose here is to setup Big Jim's eventual usurping of power from Julia. After the cave-in, Julia makes her second bad decision and rushes off to the school to check on her dearly beloved, leaving Big Jim to handle the crisis. Ever the schemer, Big Jim uses Julia's departure to show how she cares more about Barbie than the town's safety and thus begins to earn back some of the people's support. It's really a fickle group.

As in past weeks, Rebecca's proposes a ridiculous, "scientific" solution: building a giant windmill that will disperse mist into the air and unclog the Dome's wall. Somehow Big Jim and the townspeople actually manage to build the giant windmill in little to no time and save the town.

While Big Jim is busy currying favor with the people of Chester's Mill, Julia is having some precious one-on-one time with Rebecca as the two of them work on clearing the debris from the tunnel. Their time together is filled with snarky comments from Julia and we learn that Rebecca was supposed to attend Cornell, but had to give up on that dream after her father got sick. They decide to use explosives to clear away the rubble and save Barbie.

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