Under the Dome recap: 'The Fall'

It's all fun and games until someone drops the egg.
Ep. 10 | Aired Sep 1, 2014

MY PRECIOUS Like all of his "possessions" he wants to keep safe, Junior locks the egg away in his shelter.

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After finding out from his mother that Sam is back in Chester's Mill, Junior goes to seek him out to get his revenge. When he gets to Sam's cabin, he decides that a bullet is too quick and decides to beat Sam up a bit. He's about to kill Sam with an axe, but is stopped by Angie, who appears to him again. Ghost Angie tells him that he can't kill Sam because he still has an important role to play (every town needs a town drunk, duh). According to Ghost Angie, everyone in Chester's Mill will suffer if Sam dies. When that argument doesn't work, Ghost Angie says that Junior never really loved her and only wanted to possess her. She asks him, "Why do something that can't be undone to avenge a love that wasn't real?" This moves Junior to let Sam live.

Joe and Norrie find the egg in the shelter and try to take it from Big Jim. He pulls a gun on them and says that he has no problem adding Joe to the list of people who stood in his way. At gunpoint, Joe and Norrie then accompany Big Jim to the cliff with the egg. Big Jim's convinced that the only way to get out of Chester's Mill is to throw the egg down the cliff first and give the soldiers what they want. He throws the egg down the cliff, and is like, "See no one died." He spoke too soon; An earthquake strikes the town and the three run to make it out of the tunnel alive.

During the earthquake, Melanie faints, and Barbie and Julia take her to Sam for medical attention. Big Jim returns home to find Pauline on the floor of her studio. She says that her visions have stopped. Big Jim tells her what he did, and she starts crying and basically tells him that he screwed up.

Barbie and Julia arrive at the school and find Norrie and Joe, who catch them up on what happened with Big Jim. Right as they are about to leave, Phil, who earlier overheard Norrie, Joe, and Hunter talking about the cliff portal and escaped from prison during the earthquake, runs through the open locker and jumps off the cliff. When Barbie and Julia finally catch up to him, they find him impaled on rocks beneath the cliff; the portal has closed and there's no way to get out now.

Dome Thoughts: 

–According to Junior, the shelter is the safest place in Chester's Mill and is built to withstand nuclear bomb. Hmm...

–Joe on what Melanie could have been doing all day: "Out doing Jane Fonda exercises or whatever people did in the '80s."

Under the Dome drinking game: Take a shot each time Big Jim says he's changed and then does something that's classic Big Jim.

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