Under the Dome recap: 'Reconciliation'

With Big Jim in jail, Julia becomes the town's new random-in-charge.
Ep. 05 | Aired Jul 28, 2014

HUNGER PAINS: Julia, Carolyn, and Barbie try to shore up the town's food resources, but, as it's Chester's Mill, they are of course met with resistance.

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While all of this food drama is going on, Junior and Sam, and Norrie, Melanie, and Joe are off on their own separate story lines.

We find out that prior that to her "death," Pauline, Sam's sister and Junior's mother, was talking about how the only way to bring down the Dome was to get rid of one of the four hands. Sam, who's apparently determined to take down the Dome—again, it's hard to get a handle on the characters' motivations on this show—killed Angie because of what Pauline said before her "death." Junior being Junior (i.e. stupid) has yet to realize that Sam, not crazy-pants McGee Lyle, is the one who killed Angie and decides to tell Sam everything he knows. He reveals to Sam the identity of the other three hands, and almost gets himself killed when Sam gets him drunk and tries to kill him, but decides not to when Junior drunkenly tells him that he loves him.

Elsewhere, the Melanie-Joe-Norrie love triangle is still an annoying thing. Joe decides that it's time Melanie tries to talk to the Dome. When Melanie places her hand on the dome, however, the dome doesn't do anything and this upsets an already confused Melanie. Norrie, however, shows Melanie very little compassion because she views her as a competitor for Joe's affections. After Norrie insults Melanie, Melanie runs off into the woods crying and Joe follows her after calling Norrie a bitch. As he's comforting her, Joe and Melanie kiss, Norrie is there to see it all. Ahh, teen love.

Later on at the diner, Joe takes Norrie aside and tries to apologize by saying he loves her. Thankfully, Norrie is not that easy to win over and rejects his "I love you."

What's clear by the end of tonight's episode is that Community's Abed would not be a fan of this show. There is nothing stable for the characters or the audience to hold on to as things change at the drop of a pin. Every episode this seasons has felt as if the writers are just throwing different things at a wall to see what sticks. Unfortunately, everything they've attempted just isn't working.

Dome Thoughts: 

Why does the show still insist on doing things that make us compare it to Lost? Ending tonight's episode with a shot of Rebecca, Junior, and Sam peering down into tunnel found in the mysterious high school locker immediately references the hatch on Lost. And Dome, you are no Lost.

–Does Under the Dome have any likable leading men? Or any likable characters at all?

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