Under the Dome recap: 'Reconciliation'

With Big Jim in jail, Julia becomes the town's new random-in-charge.
Ep. 05 | Aired Jul 28, 2014

HUNGER PAINS: Julia, Carolyn, and Barbie try to shore up the town's food resources, but, as it's Chester's Mill, they are of course met with resistance.

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This crisis-of-the-week emerges when someone sets off a bomb in the building that appeared to be holding the food from the food share program. The culprit behind the bomb was none other than the less than capable Sheriff Phil. See, Phil was not feeling the whole "Julia is the leader thing" because he is one of the many people who had sipped the "Big Jim is our savior" Kool-Aid, and in attempt to shore up support for Big Jim and to get him out of jail, he decides to ruin Julia's food share program to make the townspeople lose faith in her. His plan would've succeeded too if it weren't for those meddling kids Carolyn (Norrie's mother if you forgot) and Barbie. Carolyn discovers Phil's plot and stupidly let's Phil know she knows what he did and is thus taken prisoner. Luckily, Barbie shows up in time, shoots Phil and saves Carolyn.

In the end, not only does Julia save the food that was donated to the food bank, but also receives more food from some lady named Andrea whose husband was a survivalist and hoarded a ton of food. Having secured her power for the time being, Julia tries (and fails) to give a rousing "live together die alone"-esque type of speech in which she basically tells the townspeople that the only way for them to survive is for them to get over Big Jim and Rebecca trying to kill half of them. And because the inhabitants of Chester's Mill are a fickle bunch, they oblige and are quickly over the whole mass murder plot.

After firing Phil, Julia asks Barbie to be sheriff. He refuses and points out how just the day before she didn't trust him (are the writers poking fun at their own inconsistencies?) and that, "This town just has a funny way of turning on people." That's a nice euphemism for murder. The number of times people have changed their opinions of Barbie alone is further proof of the show's lack of order. Because there aren't any set rules in place for the story, there aren't any consequences for actions. Julia tries to establish some ground rules by insisting on a trial for Big Jim and Rebecca, but that goes out the window once her and the rest of the townspeople's bellies are full.

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