Under the Dome recap: Testing, testing

The death of a character helps slow down the show's pace.
Ep. 02 | Aired Jul 7, 2014

Brownie Harris/CBS

After Barbie, Big Jim, and Rebecca save the town from the dreaded attack of the caterpillars, the town gets together to mourn the death of Angie, Linda, and the other people who have died.

While Big Jim is standing outside greeting people, Rebecca comes up to him and expresses her annoyance with the fact that Barbie is getting all the credit for solving the town's problems. She tells Big Jim, "Heroes leave behind a great story, but a great leader leaves a legacy," and says that while she may not believe that the Dome chose Big Jim, she does believe that the people of Chester's Mill have chosen him to lead. Clearly, Rebecca Pine has started sipping the Big Jim Kool-Aid.

During the church service, Big Jim addresses the people of Chester's Mill and emphasizes the need for them to put aside their differences and work together to survive under the dome. He says that prior to the Dome's arrival, he didn't believe in anything. However, after seeing what the Dome can do, he has started to believe in something bigger than himself. He then asks the congregation what they believe in, and everyone, save Barbie and Julia, responds that they believe in him. In that moment, it becomes clear what the main conflict of the season will be: the Big Jim believers and the skeptics. Although this is a variation on the Big Jim versus Barbie conflict from the first season, the stakes feel relatively higher this time around because, as we find out at the end of the episode, the town is running out of resources and cannot support everyone under the dome. Whether or not the writers will follow through on the implications of this latest plot development remains to be seen.


–Dome people change their minds easily: A day ago in Under the Dome time the townspeople were yelling for Barbie to be hung from the gallows, now they're cheering him on.

–Blah, blah, Barbie and Julia are having boring relationship issues.

–Why do people keep letting Rebecca come up with plans? First a giant magnet and now burn all the crops? If she's worried about the town's resources, maybe she should stop wasting them.

–At this point does anybody care about Big Jim's brother-in-law Sam?

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