Under the Dome recap: Testing, testing

The death of a character helps slow down the show's pace.
Ep. 02 | Aired Jul 7, 2014

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Following the events in last week's episode, Big Jim has been viewed as the town's savior. The people of Chester's Mill believe that Big Jim's willingness to sacrifice is the only reason the town is still standing after the Dome's Magneto impression. Needless to say, this week's crisis only does more to feed Big Jim's hero complex.

Early on in tonight's episode, Rebecca notices that the caterpillar population under the dome has increased substantially.  She immediately tells Big Jim about the situation, which builds on the connection made between the two characters at the end of the season premiere. According to Rebecca, something under the dome has caused the butterflies' reproductive cycle to accelerate and they are creating more caterpillars, and these new caterpillars have started eating the town's crops. If they don't find a way to kill of the caterpillars, their food supply will be in jeopardy.

Big Jim, who found faith after the events in last week's episode,  immediately thinks that this new problem is another test from the Dome. He thinks that the Dome is looking for another sacrifice and immediately jumps on board with Rebecca's plan to burn half of the town's crops to kill  the infestation. However, Barbie talks him down and Big Jim comes up with a better idea: someone needs to get in a plane that will disperse pesticide over the infected areas. (As you may recall, the last person who flew inside the Dome died.) Big Jim volunteers to fly the plane, but at the last minute, Barbie—ever the hero—jumps in the plane and goes on the mission to kill the caterpillar population.

While in the air, the plane starts to run out of fuel and Barbie starts to fall out of the sky. Big Jim, however, saves Barbie's life by telling him about the emergency tank fuel, which allows Barbie to level the plane out and land safely. The town is saved, for the time being.

NEXT: The season's conflicts start to take shape.

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