Under the Dome season premiere recap: The Dome is angry again

Under the Dome's second season welcomes back the citizens of Chester Mill with a few new faces
Ep. 01 | Aired Jun 30, 2014

For most of the episode, Julia is off in the woods in her own uninteresting story and isn't relevant to the main story line until it's time to save Big Jim from killing himself.

After Julia dropped the egg in the water, a young girl magically appears. Julia swims out to help her, and when the two females make it back to shore they are greeted by Sam Verdreaux, who appears to recognize the young girl and takes them back to his cabin to patch them up. From his conversation with Julia (who doesn't know who he is) we learn that he used to be an EMT, but hit some hard times after his sister Pauline, Big Jim's wife and Junior's mother, committed suicide and was fired for being drunk on the job. After Julia returns to town, Sam opens a book of Pauline's old sketches and finds one of the girl. While he's doing this, the girl runs away from him. Sam eventually makes his way into town looking for the girl and runs into Junior and Big Jim at Rose's diner, both of whom are surprised and worried by his sudden reappearance.

It just so happens that the day Sam reappears in town is the same day that Junior has a conversation with his dead mother. While passed out, Junior runs into his mother. Junior tells his father about this experience, but Big Jim says it was all in Junior's head, despite his son's insistence that it felt real. It must've been somewhat real because at the end of the episode we travel to a city somewhere outside of the Dome, and we see Pauline—very much alive—in an apartment painting prophetic paintings and watching the news coverage of the Dome. At this point, it's all a bit hard to make sense of and maybe isn't even worth the effort.

Even more confusing is the young girl from the lake. After running from Sam, she makes her way to Linda's dead body where she cradles it and apologizes. From there, she runs into Angie (Brit Robertson) who follows her into the old high school and sees the girl looking in one of the lockers. When Angie calls out to her, the girl runs away and Angie goes over to the locker to investigate. As she peers inside, someone comes up with a fire axe and the last thing we see is blood being splattered on the lockers.

These two new mysteries—the mysterious girl and Junior's mother—are introduced rather awkwardly and  don't seems very compelling. It's hard to care for the characters we know, let alone new ones. Under the Dome's characters seem less like actual characters and more like plot devices that have a tendency to do stupid things, which causes the show to lose any imperative to solve all of these mysteries it's introducing. Moreover, the new mysteries are both hard to make sense of because Under the Dome played it fast and loose with the rules of the show's world in the first season, and it's still not clear what's possible under the Dome.

Well, here's to a season of more silliness and Dome-related drama.

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