True Blood season premiere recap: The Beginning of the End

The H-vamps take hostages as the battle for Bon Temps claims its first victim and the town turns on Sookie
Ep. 01 | Aired Jun 22, 2014

Anthony Michael Rivetti/HBO

Arlene, Holly, Nicole, Kevin, and the others are being kept in the basement of Fangtasia. That makes you miss, Eric, doesn't it? Everyone's freaking out but Holly. When an H-vamp comes down to pick the next victim, he seems to sniff at Arlene and decide against it. (Does that mean something?) He takes Kevin, but doesn't even make it up the stairs—he devours him in front of the ladies. [So much screaming.]

Andy drives Bill home and makes it clear that he only saved Bill because he needs his help to get Holly and Arlene back. He'll never forgive Bill for what he did to his family. Cue the flashback to Bill saying goodbye to his wife and two kids during the war.

Jessica and the H-vamp are still having a standoff outside Andy's home. It's almost dawn, which means both of them are beginning to let off smoke. Adilyn invites Jessica inside for the safety of the airtight attic and still, Jessica won't go. She doesn't trust herself—she hasn't fed in a while. But Adilyn comes outside on the porch, and Jessica has to zoom back and get her inside before the H-vamp nabs her. Jessica cradles Adilyn and resists feeding. As Jessica heads upstairs, the H-vamp burns outside in the sun while Adilyn listens. This is probably an inappropriate time to ask if we'll be getting an Adilyn-Jessica blood-fueled sex dream?

The next morning, the Rev.'s church is full when Sookie and Alcide arrive late. Sookie puts her hand on Lettie Mae's shoulder, and Lettie Mae tells her not to touch her. She says aloud what everyone's been thinking: Sookie's to blame. She's the reason Tara (and everyone else) is dead. She's not welcome in this house of worship. When Sookie hears the others thoughts loud and clear, she goes to run out but stops. She tells them she can hear all of them, and somehow, she still loves most of them. Bottom line, they're not wrong that she played a part in what's happening to their town. The difference is, she thinks because she knows vampires best, they should let her help save it. She begs them to, in fact.

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