True Blood season premiere recap: The Beginning of the End

The H-vamps take hostages as the battle for Bon Temps claims its first victim and the town turns on Sookie
Ep. 01 | Aired Jun 22, 2014

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High on Willa's blood, Lettie Mae claims that she can see Tara, who isn't in heaven and needs her mother's help. Is it wrong to wish Lettie Mae was gone already? The Rev. tells Willa not to give her any more blood because she has an addictive, slightly crazy personality (paraphrasing). Willa says she has nowhere to go since she doesn't want to return to the home she was sharing with Tara and Eric and Pam aren't around. The Rev. leads her to the church basement. It's not his blood, but it's something.

Pam finds a man named Najat at a bar, drops him some serious cash, and gets offered his daughter to feed on—children are the only clean blood in North Africa. Pam declines and asks just for the information—a map that will lead her to some place she can't believe Eric would ever go. Why would she be that surprised that Eric would be somewhere around the Rhône?

Sookie finally came to bed, climbing in naked next to Alcide, who wrapped his arm around her and apologized. They each say, "I love you" and then have their first (true) long-awaited sex scene. You could view it as slightly disappointing that it was so short, or as tonally appropriate: There's been so much death, they're grateful that they have each other but emotionally drained.

Bill and Andy finally make it to the slaughterhouse. Again, this scene is shot well for suspense by Moyer. Andy's flashlight illuminates the way as they move through the building, seeing the signs of nesting and finding humans hanging upside down like slabs of meat. Andy vomits, then goes to leave. But now Vince and his little mob are there. They're ready to hurt both Andy and Bill until Bill tells them that Andy wasn't at the mixer that evening out of protest. Andy is free to leave, but convincingly tells Vince that he wants to be the one to kill Bill because of their history. Vince relinquishes his gun to Andy, who then turns it on Vince and his followers. A young man named Lou holds his aim, and Andy tells him his life will never be the same after he takes a human life. The kid lowers his weapon, and while this won't be the end of the vigilantes, this is Andy at his best. Maybe this town does stand a chance.

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