True Blood season premiere recap: The Beginning of the End

The H-vamps take hostages as the battle for Bon Temps claims its first victim and the town turns on Sookie
Ep. 01 | Aired Jun 22, 2014

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Back in Bon Temps, Adilyn opens a window so she can talk to Jessica. It's scenes like this one that make that old fairy story line worthwhile. Both women admit they have nightmares about the night Jessica killed Adilyn's sisters, and Adilyn says she can't hate Jessica even though she should. Perhaps that's because Adilyn really needs a girl roughly her age to talk with about the opposite sex. Their chat about James and Wade, Holly's son Adilyn is crushing on, is interrupted by an H-vamp in the distance asking what Adilyn is. Yes, maybe keep the window up so the fairy scent doesn't travel, ladies.

Alcide arrives home to find Sookie drinking in her bathrobe at the kitchen table. At first, that conversation seems tailored for people who have never watched the show before, which is annoying—those who've seen all six seasons know how her telepathy works, thanks. But really, they must have Sookie address the fact that while she read his thoughts the one moment he blamed her, she's also heard him thinking how much he loves her. Sookie asks to be alone, and Alcide has to practically duck as he exits the kitchen and walks upstairs. That man is huge.

Jason wants to stop and grieve for Tara, but there's no time. He and Violet arrive at the building they're supposed to check out and are greeted by Vince and a handful of vigilantes who don't want to put their faith in Jason and Andy since the Feds are only worried about the big cities. Violet steps in, tosses around some threats, and convinces them to leave, which angers an emasculated Jason.

Lafayette invites James in to feed but insists on getting "altered" first. While they pass a bong—James can definitely take a hit—Lafayette confesses that what he feels for Tara is only relief. He grieved the first time she was killed, so there's nothing left. James tells his back story: All his friends were killed in Vietnam. James was a draft-dodging pacifist. He was visiting his parents for Christmas when his best friend Danny's parents were notified that their son was dead. When James went to pay his respects, Danny's father grabbed Danny's baseball bat and beat him with it in the middle of the street calling him a "hippie faggot." James would've died-died if a vampire hadn't turned him that night. Lafayette thanks James for the story by offering him his wrist, which James gently bites. It's about time Lafayette gets another love interest—will it be James? That would allow Jessica to end up with Jason...

Speaking of Jason, he pulls off the road on his way home because he can't take it any longer. Violet won't let him do his job, but more importantly, she's still not letting Mr. Blue Balls f--- her. After exchanging dialogue that includes 10 uses of "f---" in its many variations, Jason gets the first sex scene in the final season of True Blood because he's finally demanding enough for Violet. Despite how sexy Violet looks in that conveniently short skirt, and how hot Jason always looks when his shirt's turn off, this scene wasn't as steamy as you'd think. There are no feelings there, just incredible bodies rubbing against each other on the hood of Jason's cop car.

Adilyn can't stand to hear the H-vamp taunt Jessica and not know what is happening, so she opens the window again. Stephen Moyer, who directed the episode, shot it beautifully with the veiled-in-darkness H-vamp suggesting they could share Adilyn and have sex with her. Jessica tells Adilyn she has to drink from her so she'll always be able to feel her and protect her. Reluctantly, Adilyn does.

NEXT: Let's kill off Lettie Mae, okay?

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