True Blood recap: 'Love Is to Die'

As Eric plays relationship counselor for Sookie and Bill, the Jason-Jessica-Hoyt-Brigette love square figures itself out.
Ep. 09 | Aired Aug 17, 2014

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Jessica and Hoyt forever: Until last episode, most fans were probably rooting for Jessica to end up with Jason. But this episode, written by showrunner Brian Buckner, really makes you feel how much Jessica cares for Hoyt. She realizes he's the one who had cared to know her best and that he's the one she wants to be with on a night when she's this alone. Hoyt returning to town could mean salvation, and unlike Bill, she's choosing to go for it. She shows up at Hoyt's mother's place right as Hoyt manages to convince Brigette that Jessica isn't someone special to him. When Brigette gives him the choice of hearing Jessica out or staying with her, he chooses Jessica. Who else thought Hoyt might kiss Jessica when he said he wanted her to try to catch her breath? It's too soon, of course. Instead, he tells her he wants her to catch her breath so she can tell him the "story of us" and simply hugs her.

Naturally, Brigette calls Jason, who leaves his mac and cheese on the stove and grabs his keys once he hears that Jessica is telling Hoyt the truth. As expected, Bubba punches Jason as soon as he arrives, and when Jason comes to, he's in the passenger side of his police car and Brigette's behind the wheel. Since he's had so many concussions—which is precisely why he should've gone to the hospital, if anyone had been working the night shift—they head to his house, where they will not be having sex. Did anyone buy her, "I'm too heartbroken to even think about having sex with you, Jason Stackhouse" comeback? No. Jason's right, it needed to be said. We need to know he's trying to make different decisions this time around.

Wearing one of Jason's Bon Temps Football tees and a pair of his boxers, Brigette has it out on the phone with a Delta agent who wants to charge her $1,200 for a flight to Anchorage the next day. Jason, holding an action figure, sweet-talks the agent into giving her a better deal, as only Jason can—with a double entendre that you're not 100 percent sure he even intended.

As Jason ices his groin with a bag of frozen peas, Hoyt is back inside his mom's place icing his hand with frozen carrots. He asks Jessica to explain why she wasn't ready to be with him back then: because she'd found him before she'd had a chance to explore her dark side or figure out what she wanted. How does she know she's ready now (because remember, she still is pretty young): For the first time in a long while, she's been able to see a future for herself, and it's with him.

Brigette can neither sleep nor believe that Jason is anything less than sweet and kind. Over beers, he tells her the story of Jessica and Hoyt and how he screwed it up for them. This sequence is one of the series' most romantic—so perfectly crafted that for a moment, you believe Jessica and Hoyt are the real love story of True Blood. It cuts back and forth from Jason telling Brigette about his friendship with Hoyt and how it was love at first sight for Hoyt and Jessica, to Hoyt and Jessica sharing their second first kiss and first time together. Jason also tells Brigette about Hoyt beating him up the first time he learned the truth, and how Hoyt had insisted that what he and Jessica had was real and that Jason would never have it with anyone because something inside of him was missing.

It was missing then—that desire and respect for love. But he has it now. "Nobody lied to you, and you didn't pick the wrong guy," he tells Brigette. "You just happened to pick a guy who'd already met the girl he was supposed to be with. He just don't remember her. But they do, Brigette. Hoyt and Jessica belong together." Hoyt and Jessica climax at the same time as the sweet yet epic musical score—and chills. Even Brigette has to smile as Jason finishes the fairy tale. There's comfort in knowing that your dream was shattered for something that's real and right.

Brigette decides she wants to teach Jason how to not have sex with someone, and damn it, I start to like her. Though it's "f---in' weird" for Jason to lie in his bed with a woman and (gulp) talk, that's what they do. She suggests they each reveal a secret no one knows: She once let someone cheat off her during a test (code: she is a nice girl like Jessica), and he admits that he likes pink. Classic Jason. Asked to go deeper, he admits he wants children but is afraid he'll have a daughter and she'll meet a guy like him. In actuality, it might be too soon for Brigette to be saying Jason is everything a man should be, but she means it—and so does Jason. He needs a woman who appreciates more than his abs, and Brigette may turn out to be that. It comes back to caring enough to get to know someone.

Looking ahead to the series finale: Does a season about taking death seriously have to end with a death? While my heart wants everyone to live, my head says someone has to die in the finale. Who would you bet on?

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