True Blood recap: 'Almost Home'

Violet's plan and Tara's message are revealed as Eric returns to Fangtasia, Bill makes a big decision, and Hoyt and Jessica meet again.
Ep. 08 | Aired Aug 10, 2014

WORRY LINES Sookie talks with Bill as he continues to deteriorate from Hep-V.

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Sookie causes Eric trouble, again: If you thought Mr. Gus' plan was simply to synthesize Sarah's blood so the Hep-V epidemic would be over, you were wrong. He tells Eric and Pam that they can't have New Blood be perfect when they release it. Just like we have to keep buying razors and batteries when they could be manufactured to last a lifetime (is that true?), he wants infected vampires to have to keep buying New Blood—a healthy habit, not a cure. Eric and Pam are fine with this because it means more money for them. But the catch is Mr. Gus insists no one know about Sarah Newlin being the cure in the meantime—the trade secret can't get out and fall into more altruistic hands.

Eric, however, has one person he wants to know that he's healed: Ginger Sookie. He shows up, and she immediately notices his heavage, as is only natural. She's happy he's well, but really, her first thought is about how he could help save Bill. Eric tells her the cure isn't ready yet, and she doesn't buy it. He tells her to trust him, he'll return the next night, and off he flies (love it when he does that). You want to believe Sookie does trust Eric but is just too worried that Bill won't make it through the day, so that's why she ultimately hops in Alcide's truck and heads to Fangtasia.

The Yakuza try to scare her off, but don't, because she's Sookie Stackhouse. Eric pretends she's just a fangbanger (where's Ginger, by the way?) and Mr. Gus is prepared to kill her to prove it. But Eric tells him her cop brother will come looking for her; the better call is to let Eric glamour her. It must be challenging to pretend to be glamoured—you have to do it just bad enough that viewers know you're faking it. Sookie uses the time to read Mr. Gus' mind and finds out there's something important in the basement.

Since Sookie is all about taking action these days, she breaks into the basement via the tunnel used to save Arlene and Co. earlier this season and reads Sarah's memories after she re-gags her (thank you). Sookie leaves her there and goes to Bill's to grab him and Jessica. Sookie telling Jessica it's all going to be okay when we have two episodes still to come? Dangerous.

Before they can wake Bill, he has a fever dream of walking in on Sookie rocking a baby. When he looks at the baby, it's just darkness, no face. They tell Bill there's a cure, and he doesn't seem relieved.

At Fangtasia, Mr. Gus informs Eric and Pam that he's flying to Dallas, but his men will be watching them. He tells them not to do anything stupid, which, of course, Pam knows they're doing when they go down into Sarah Newlin's dungeon of hell. Eric is going to take some of Sarah's blood to Bill, but in a second, Sookie enters with Bill and Jessica. Jessica may not hold a grudge against Jason for being a dick, but she tries to scare the hell out of Sarah for all she did to her in Vamp Camp.

Bill hesitates when it's time for him to drink from a whimpering Sarah, and Pam tells him to hurry up before they all die. "No," he says. "I don't want the blood." [Record scratch.]

Does Bill want to die because he's ready to go? So he doesn't jeopardize the healing of other H-vamps? Or so he won't be the darkness in Sookie's life? With two episodes left, the question really is whether it's now predictable to have Bill die or to have him be talked into healing?

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