True Blood recap: 'Almost Home'

Violet's plan and Tara's message are revealed as Eric returns to Fangtasia, Bill makes a big decision, and Hoyt and Jessica meet again.
Ep. 08 | Aired Aug 10, 2014

WORRY LINES Sookie talks with Bill as he continues to deteriorate from Hep-V.

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Love at first sight (again): Eventually, Jessica gets to thank Hoyt and introduce herself. As Jason and Brigette watch them just standing and talking, the image recalls how great Jessica and Hoyt looked together. Brigette is curious about Jessica—and whether she's Jason's girlfriend. We all see this coming, right: Brigette and Jason want kids, Hoyt and Jessica don't...

Jason drives Jessica home, and they have one of the loveliest TV goodbyes in recent memory. Deborah Ann Woll and Kwanten fill that car with the innate sweetness that exists in both those characters. You half expect the windows to fog up from the goodheartedness in the air. They're both growing up, and while seeing Jessica with Hoyt reminded Jason how complicated their relationship is, for Jessica, Jason is one of the least complicated relationships in her life. She knows he'll always be there when and how she needs him—which is all he was doing that night they had sex at Sookie's party. How beautiful was Jason's line: "I feel like when we're together, we're in a little bubble, you know, just floating above the ground. And I know we can't stay there, but it makes coming back down to earth feel better." Woll's smile wasn't acting—viewers were doing it, too.

Even after they agree to label their relationship a "beautiful friendship," Jason makes sure Jessica knows he's there for her if she needs him. She kisses him, and there it is: They're never, ever, ever, getting back together, and they're both fine with that. Truly.

The next day, Hoyt comes to Bellefleur's where Arlene is now dressing like Susan Sarandon in Bull Durham (a little excessive for the Carolina League, but it makes her happy, so we're happy). Hoyt saddles up next to Jason at the bar, and with one exchange, we're reminded why these two were such good friends: Bubba will obsess over serious things, and well, Jason doesn't. Hoyt admits it's thoughts of Jessica that kept him up all night, and Jason, proving he's really putting an end to that love triangle in his mind, assures Hoyt that he and Jessica are not an item.

Jason tells Hoyt about Bill's condition and how hard it is on Jessica, and Hoyt delivers another poignant line: Good things getting destroyed is the definition of unfair. Next we see Hoyt, he's trying to secretly leave a note and a bag of his Hep-V negative blood outside Jessica's door for Bill. She invites him in, and he explains that thinking about what she's going through suddenly made him aware that maybe not knowing his mother's time was coming was a blessing, and he just thought he should try to help Jessica out if he could. Such a good man.

One of the best moments of the hour is Hoyt turning back around with tears in his eyes when Jessica asks him if he misses his mother. "Yes and no," he says, honestly. "It's just no matter how grown up you get, or how well you can stand on your own two feet, the death of a parent just makes you want to go back, just go back to when you were a little kid and knowin' that you were loved was all you needed. Just go back, you know." If you've lost a parent, you burst into tears and wanted to hug Jim Parrack. At least I did. It could be his finest moment on the series. Perhaps because he was just so exhausted and emotionally raw: He shot his True Blood scenes on Mondays, flying to LA from New York, where he was appearing on Broadway six days a week in Of Mice and Men.

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