True Blood recap: 'Almost Home'

Violet's plan and Tara's message are revealed as Eric returns to Fangtasia, Bill makes a big decision, and Hoyt and Jessica meet again.
Ep. 08 | Aired Aug 10, 2014

WORRY LINES Sookie talks with Bill as he continues to deteriorate from Hep-V.

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Jason, Brigette, and Hoyt to the rescue: Okay, so your boyfriend admits to you that he doesn't want to have children, but even if you don't want to be in the same home with him and you know no one else in town, why would you think it's okay to go with Jason on official police business? Because the writers have to get Hoyt to follow them to Violet's house, where Jason speeds off to after receiving bound-and-gagged photos of Adilyn and Jessica, of course.

Jason has Brigette sit in the police car with a loaded gun because it's safer than being inside Violet's house, and he enters alone. Seven seasons in, Ryan Kwanten has Jason so dialed in: That was his idea to have Jason touch the stuffed zebra and almost shoot at the bear—it wasn't scripted. The way the sequence is shot is so cinematic—dark, suspenseful, with interesting angles— it's rewind-worthy. But then Violet suddenly has Jason on the ground, perplexed as she tells him Cleopatra and Helen of Troy were hollow shells once penetrated but no one has ever wanted to leave her once they've been allowed in.

She quickly has Jason bound and gagged to a contraption that would have eventually stretched him until his perfect body tore apart (the horror!), but she commits the classic villain crime of talking too damn long. We hear how Wade will be the first victim, losing his fingers before his head is crushed in some medieval contraption. She'll use the "breast ripper" on Adilyn's "sweet, barely-formed titties" next, then slowly drain her of her fairy blood. For Jessica, it's going to be a red-hot dildo every 10 minutes for days on end so Jason can feel the pain Violet felt when he was inside Jessica. As Violet finally admits why she's been with Jason—she wanted a world of no wit or intellect so she could be worshiped for the perfect creature she is (cue another top-notch Kwanten facial reaction)—she's shot with a wooden bullet from behind. It's Hoyt. And all that's left of Violet is a pile of expensive, bloodied clothes.

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