True Blood recap: 'May Be the Last Time'

As Sookie makes a decision about Bill, Eric closes in on Sarah Newlin, Violet gets kinky, and Arlene has her moment.
Ep. 07 | Aired Aug 3, 2014

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Dungeons and Strap-ons: Did anyone see this coming? Violet takes Wade and Adilyn back to her house and tells them when she was their age, she used to f--- her brother, too, a lot. She encourages them to use their imaginations in her toy-filled S&M dungeon. She kisses Adilyn hard before she leaves them alone with a fond farewell, "Have fun f---ing."

Bless their hearts, Wade and Adilyn aren't too afraid to actually enjoy themselves. Adilyn reads Wade's mind and hears that he's only attempting to figure out which toy to try because he thinks she's into it, and you do whatever you need to do to please your woman. (Holly is raising him right.) They realize they were both each other's first time and aren't ready to experiment. True love. Of course, when Violet wakes up the next night, she tells them it's okay that they didn't use the toys because she's going to use them now. She tosses Wade aside and puts the handcuffs on Adilyn. If she's doing this to draw Jessica to her, it works. Jessica bolts up feeling Adilyn's fear.

Andy had phoned her earlier in the episode to tell her Wade and Adilyn were missing. After failing to find the kids at Fort Bellefleur, Holly thinks Wade might have taken Adilyn to his dad's lake house. She and Andy don't find them there, obviously, but Andy has a beautiful scene where he breaks down looking at the peaceful lake—so different from the dark reality Bon Temps has been immersed in. Warning: I'm about to make a 9/11 reference here. It reminded me, someone who was in NYC that day, of how friends and I felt visiting another friend in LA two months later. We walked along a beach that was free of that weight, and it felt surreal. Holly promises Andy a happy ending. Let's hope she's right.

Hoyt returns, with a +1: To quote Arlene upon seeing Hoyt's microbiologist girlfriend Brigette, "s--------t." Arlene phones Jason and interrupts him vacuuming in his boxers to tell him Hoyt's in town and doesn't know him. Brigette looks like Crystal, Jason's werepanther ex—maybe that's why he can't take his eyes off of her. Or, maybe he's just so afraid of history repeating itself re: Jessica, he can't NOT look at her. Either way, you kinda wanted to slap Jason because he should be thinking about Jessica since they just slept together. (Does this mean they won't end up together? Or is it just that Jason Stackhouse is always going to look, and the maturity is that he won't touch?)

Brigitte seems a bit too interested in Jason at Bellefleur's, but by the time they all get to the morgue so Hoyt can see the body ("God, what I wouldn't give for one more guilt trip"—ha), her focus is back on Hoyt. She asks Jason to talk to him, since he knew Maxine. Jason lies and tells Hoyt that Maxine wasn't one of the vigilantes that night she died and that they had captured the vampire who did this to her. That's incredibly kind of Jason, but also, would Hoyt really buy that his mother, of all people, wouldn't have taken up arms with Vince? Still, the guys hug, and you wonder if that's it: Will Hoyt leave, or will he stick around? His girlfriend being a microbiologist seems fortuitous...

Lettie Mae and Lafayette go digging: They wouldn't ask the family that lives there now first? They'd just start tearing up the yard? Less Lettie Mae more James, please.

With three episodes left, do you like where we sit? Do you think Eric (and Bill) get cured next episode, or will we have to wait until the series finale to see who drinks the antidote and who doesn't?

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