True Blood recap: 'May Be the Last Time'

As Sookie makes a decision about Bill, Eric closes in on Sarah Newlin, Violet gets kinky, and Arlene has her moment.
Ep. 07 | Aired Aug 3, 2014

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Sarah Newlin chooses herself: The episode opens with Amber being kindly asked where Sarah is (while being prepped to be tortured). Eric thinks he can get it out of her by reminding her that Sarah killed her boyfriend; Mr. Gus thinks he can bribe it out of Amber with money. But Amber won't give her sister up now that she's cured her. Eric ends up staking Amber when he hallucinates and sees her as Sarah. Oops.

On the upside, Eric and Pam finally get to change out of their formal Texas clothes, even if Eric insists upon wearing layers to hide his Hep-V veins. (RIP, heavage.) Mr. Gus makes them an offer: If they help him capture Sarah, they'll synthesize her blood, distribute it as New Blood, and Eric will own 49 percent of the company. If Japanese intelligence can help them find Sarah, Eric knows Mr. Gus doesn't really need him. What he needs is Eric to serve as a vampire spokesman for New Blood, since vampires have lost faith in the company that infected them in the first place. Eric eventually comes around, and the two agree that they'll just have to trust one another. (Or, you know, sign contracts?)

When Japanese satellites find Sarah, Mr. Gus' men want him to leave sleeping Eric and Pam behind and just find another vampire spokesman. Eric and Pam awake to find Amber's house empty. They open the door to leave, and Mr. Gus and his men are there waiting for them. It's nice that some people's word still means something. And also, Mr. Gus is no dummy: You don't get a better spokesman than Eric "Sex on a Throne" Northman. (Also, perhaps Eric can get Ginger a better-paying job in the corporation, if all works out?)

They ultimately locate Sarah at the rundown Light of Day Institute. When she arrives during daylight, breathless and sleep-deprived, she hallucinates a shirtless Jason playing flag football. Well done. In case you were too distracted by his abs, he basically just keeps telling her she is going to die because Eric is coming for her. Inside the building at night, she freaks out in a corner and hallucinates Steve, her Buddhist guru, and Jason taunting her as she lies about the number of sex partners she's had in her life (hello, severed head of Gov. Burrell). They confront her about her fickle religious beliefs: Would she die a Christian or a Buddhist? Neither, she says. She chooses herself. She's the cure, the messiah. Good luck with that, crazy lady.

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