True Blood recap: 'Karma'

As Bill tries to get his affairs in order, Eric and Pam make an important discovery.
Ep. 06 | Aired Jul 27, 2014

BLOOD SISTERS: Sookie consoles Jessica as they learn Bill's fate.

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So Lettie Mae is not full of s---: Imagine what could have happened if Lettie Mae hadn't come home with Lafayette after Sookie's party. James was waiting for Lafayette, needing a place to crash. (Swoon.) James' drug history has him suggesting to Lafayette that maybe Lettie Mae does need to have her consciousness elevated to communicate with Tara. Thinking it'll prove a bust and he can shut this bitch down afterward, Lafayette agrees to get high with his aunt (enjoy those sex dreams, Lettie Mae!), and we all get to laugh as James tells them to "Enjoy the ride." (Again, a totally different meaning if Lettie Mae wasn't there—damn her.)

If two people share the same trip, it's supposed to prove that it's real? Lafayette and Lettie Mae find Tara on her cross with her snake speaking in tongues again. They get her down, and she runs off. It's all stylishly shot, but nope, still don't care about this. They chase after her and find her digging like a dog in the yard of the house where they were living when Tara was a baby. They don't know what it means: Perhaps that something is buried there—either an object physically or a truth metaphorically? The Rev. interrupts them, pulling them out of the trip, and both Lettie Mae and Lafayette are pissed because Lafayette now believes Lettie Mae isn't just an addict crying wolf. The Rev. gives Lettie Mae an ultimatum because he doesn't believe her. Lettie Mae chooses Tara. On the one hand, you can appreciate the idea: An addict can be telling the truth, and a bad mother can choose her child over a man. On the other, this time could be spent on Sam.

Violet kidnaps Adilyn and Wade: What's her end game there? To do something to Adilyn and frame Jessica? Let's back up. Jason returns home after having sex with Jessica at Sookie's party and finds rose petals everywhere (the flower shop is open again?) and an amount of candles that any one person should feel mortified even having. Violet is scantily clad in sexy black lingerie and wants Jason to feel appreciated and in control and know that she is his—so she sits him in his recliner and goes down on him.

When Jessica phones Jason to have him bring Sookie to her, Violet overhears. Insert creepy shot of Violet sitting up at the foot of the bed. She throws a fit, and honestly, you can't blame her... she's been in that uncomfortable lingerie for hours.

Over at Andy's, he catches Wade and Adilyn having sex and kicks Wade out. After the two teens say "I love you" for the first time during a scene in the front yard, Holly decides to take Wade home and deal with Andy later. Holly trying to cover her son's bare bottom as they walked off—classic.

Later, Holly shows up with Arlene at Bellefleur's, and the two of them see the shambles it was left in after the mixer where they were kidnapped. "S--- happens, Holly, you clean it up," Arlene says. Andy arrives, and Arlene plays mediator as he and Holly fight over which kid is to blame ("Everyone knows about fairies," Holly quips, then apologizes for slut-shaming). Arlene has a new confidence about her since the kidnapping. She handles them easily, saying their kids are walking hormones but good kids. They need to talk to them. As Holly scares Rocky into revealing that Adilyn and Wade went to Fort Bellefleur to be alone—and Andy reveals his great biceps—I was just wondering if Arlene took a nap and dreamt about Keith. How long do we have to wait?

Jason returns home motivated by his talk with Sookie about not wasting time with someone you know isn't true love. He shadowboxes his courage up to break up with Violet, but he finds her gone. The place is a mess, and she left him a note that says the relationship isn't working for her so it's over. He's relieved... and also stupid if he thinks a woman like Violet stops at destroying her bedroom.

Violet follows Adilyn's scent to the Fort and tells her that she and Wade can't risk H-vamps finding her as well. She offers them a place to stay and tells them to ditch their phones so they're not tracked by Andy. Who is she to stand in the way of true love? A woman scorned...

Nicole is leaving town and wants Sam to go with her: The celebration of life party made Nicole realize that Sam is the mayor of Crazytown, and she doesn't want to raise their daughter there. She wants Sam to come with her to her mother's place the next day, but Sam is torn: He ran for a long time before settling in Bon Temps. It's his home, the only place he feels safe—which Nicole believes but also thinks is f---ed up. Is this karma for Nicole and Sam sleeping together too quickly and her being annoying? Are you a horrible person if you want her to leave town? You want Sam to have his child though... Oh god, what if Nicole gives birth, and Sam and Nicole both die saving the baby from an H-Vamp attack, and Jason and Jessica get to raise the baby? Too much, right?


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