True Blood recap: 'Karma'

As Bill tries to get his affairs in order, Eric and Pam make an important discovery.
Ep. 06 | Aired Jul 27, 2014

BLOOD SISTERS: Sookie consoles Jessica as they learn Bill's fate.

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Sookie gave Bill Hep-V: Karma is Bill originally coming back to town because of Sookie's blood, and now, it's what he thinks will kill him. At the time, you may not have realized why Alcide was so adamant that Sookie get washed off after the Hep-V vamps splattered on her during the woods fight. (Perhaps you thought he just didn't want her having sex dreams about another vampire.) But that's the night she got infected: She'd cut her arm to draw the H-vamps, you'll remember. Sookie realizes it when Jessica tells her she overheard Bill having a conversation with a lawyer, Madeline Kapneck, claiming he's Hep-V positive and wants to get his affairs in order.

While Bill's at the lawyer's office, with a waiting room right out of Beetlejuice, Jason raises Sookie from her hangover slumber to take her to Bill's house to get the news from Jessica. Jason asking Jessica if she'll be okay alone during the daylight hours while he takes Sookie to get tested > than Jason tucking Violet in when he got up from their bed.

Sookie gets retested at the clinic as Bill's freakishly fast-moving Hep-V veins—must be Sookie's fairy blood—freak out a man who changes seats to get away from him. The HIV metaphor continues right down to the Silence = True Death sticker on the wall as Sookie gets her blood drawn.

It's great to see Sookie and Jason have time together, even if it's them sitting in the bed of his truck in front of the liquor store and Grabb it Kwick waiting for her test results. Sookie talking about the way she can still sense Bill because he was her first love is either setting us up for seeing them together in the end—or explaining why she can have such strong affection for him (you never forget your first) and still be with someone else. Jason thinks maybe Jessica could have been his first love if there wasn't all that Hoyt baggage. (Here's hoping Hoyt tells them he's happy in Alaska, and Jason and Jessica will give it another go. Then again, is his karma for cheating on Violet to have created more baggage—the potential deaths of Adilyn and Wade—that will keep them apart?)

The lawyer, Kapneck, is a fan of Bill's book on the Hep-V crisis, but what that really means is she knows he has money that she can extort to move him to the top of the progeny adoption line so he can leave his estate to Jessica. Gov. Burrell had made it so wills drawn after you turned into a vampire don't count for anything anymore because the government can then seize assets. Bill doesn't have the five months to a year for the adoption battle, so Kapneck asks him to pay $10 million to jump in line. She has anti-glamour contacts in, so he has no choice but to stab her with her letter opener when she starts going off on how vampires can't judge her for trying to make money when they've had centuries to amass their future and feed off the human race. It was a badass moment for anyone caught in red tape, though you've got to wonder if that will come back to haunt Bill. A lot of witnesses there, should anyone care.

Sookie eventually gives Jessica the news that she unknowingly infected Bill, and when he returns home, he finds the two of them with tear-stained faces on the staircase. Maybe now Bill's human flashbacks make sense—this time he gets to return home to his wife (Sookie) and child (Jessica) after a war and be properly grieved. (Or is it again that he fails to return home to them alive?) Prediction: Bill could marry Sookie, and presumably she would get his estate—then she could leave it to Jessica in her will. Question is, will the antidote get there before or after that?

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