True Blood recap: 'Lost cause'

As Eric and Pam search for Sarah Newlin in Dallas, Sookie reluctantly hosts a celebration of life party where people get (un)lucky.
Ep. 05 | Aired Jul 20, 2014

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Pam and Eric do Dallas: Back to where we began. When Eric and Pam find Sarah's vampire sister, Hep-V-infected Amber, it's believable that Eric would patiently sit and listen to her tell her story both because he's a bit weak and also because the sibling bond is one that he respects (RIP, Nora). Amber explains how she was a fangbanger right out of high school, and her boyfriend, Jeremy, who turned her, helped her get her s--- together. Sarah was married to Steve Newlin and the Fellowship of the Sun and paid off broke Amber to stay in the coffin and let Sarah say she'd been taken by vampires and never seen again. Amber and Jeremy's House Hunters-marathon-filled romance came to an end when he died in her arms—just like Eric watched Nora die. Amber agreeing to help them because she wants them to kill Sarah receives the raised eyebrow of approval from Eric and Pam's highest praise, "I like you." (Pause to admire Kristin Bauer van Straten's impeccable comedic timing.)

Amber tells them Sarah will run to their parents, who will be attending a Ted Cruz fundraiser being hosted at the Bush Library that night. Brilliant. Amber doubts Pam and Eric will be able to get past security—only a--holes were invited. "You don't know us, sweetheart," Eric says. "We can be a--holes." Costume change!

Later, we'd see that Pam and Eric had gone shopping for each other's formal attire, just to make it more fun. Eric zips Pam up in a purple sequin gown with a silver sequin belt and halter straps that makes her look like a pageant contestant. "Oh… my… god. I'm a republic--t," Pam quips. (There's another T-shirt we need.) Eric smiles proudly, and Pam can't wait to show him what she and her Neiman's salesperson selected for him. "Strip," she says, poking his nose like two friends who can get naked in front of each other and not have it be sexual. When Eric takes off his shirt, it's another gasp-worthy moment: Like Pam, we see the Hep-V veins are now covering his torso, arms, and back. He's stage 2. Immediately, the mood changes, and now he looks like he's going to cry but stops himself. Pam does tear up as she uses makeup to cover up the veins that will be visible. Eric tells her she has to accept that he's going to die. Nope. No one's doing that, Eric.

The gala is the most disturbing thing Pam has seen in 100 years, and fingers crossed, George W. Bush receives tons of congratulatory emails about his likeness being used in a giant photo on the show. Eric jokes that they'll have fun because they're together, but the truth is, he's always enjoyed pretending to be human. He's in a brown Western-themed suit with a bolo tie and a large dress cowboy hat. It's everything you never knew you wanted. (Read what costume designer Audrey Fisher has to say about their looks, and their '80s and '90s flashbacks from last episode.)

Sarah finds her Laura Bush-esque mother (played by Bess Armstrong) in the ladies room alone. Her mother is equally curious about what Sarah wants and what Sarah has done with her hair. The answer: Sarah wants her mother to get her help from someone powerful. "Is Laura Bush out there?" Sarah asks. "Well, can you call her?" So great. But Laura no longer takes calls from the family because Sarah is the monster who created the Hep-V monsters.

Long story short, the Yakuza show up looking for Sarah and start killing all the security guards. They shoot the father when he doesn't know where Sarah is. Sarah's mother can't keep up with her daughter as they try to make a run for it, and she's gunned down in a hallway.

Sarah runs right into Eric, who lifts her off the ground in a chokehold. He tosses her away when three Yakuza appear—one with a gun and two with swords. Eric vamp-speeds to them, grabs the swords, and slices them all. Eric also rips out the mouth of the leader—the man who made him choose between Pam and Sylvie back in France in 1986. That is a new one for Eric, who usually goes for the heart. Gross but effective.

So where do we go from here? Will Eric's strength hold out if more Yakuza follow? How soon can we get him back to Bon Temps? Will Jason be able to break up with Violet without her getting violent? Can Lafayette find happiness with James? How soon will we get that Arlene-Keith sex dream? What the hell is Willa gonna do now on the show? Wait, could she get with Hoyt, when he finally returns to town? And how will Sookie react when she learns Bill is Hep-V positive? So many questions, only five more episodes.

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