True Blood recap: 'Lost cause'

As Eric and Pam search for Sarah Newlin in Dallas, Sookie reluctantly hosts a celebration of life party where people get (un)lucky.
Ep. 05 | Aired Jul 20, 2014

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Lafayette makes his stand: If you've been rooting for James and Lafayette to hook up, you got your wish. And Nelsan Ellis, who plays Lafayette, got arguably his best scene in the entire series in the aftermath. Andy's pep talk had cheered Jessica up, but not enough to make her want to leave the party early and go home and have sex with James. James ends up on Sookie's candlelit front porch telling Lafayette how that many candles around drunk people have got to be a fire hazard how Jessica gives him just enough love and affection to keep him hooked. Is he that simple? No, Lafayette says, playing with a piece of James' hair. And then Lafayette asks the follow-up question we all had after hearing the story the first night they'd met of how James was turned into a vampire after his dead best friend Danny's father beat him in the street with a bat. Were James and Danny [insert sex hand motion that turns to hand holding]? Yes, James confirms. Lafayette drops his cup, and it's on—tenderly at first, kissing on the porch.

Eventually, Jessica is ready to show James some affection and comes looking for him. She finds him having sex with Lafayette in their SUV. James wants to talk about it, but Jessica runs inside, tells Jason what just happened, and has Jason rescind James' invitation. James tells Lafayette he wants to be alone, but Violet gives Jason the okay to go upstairs and talk to Jessica. That was uncharacteristically thoughtful for Violet, who also later volunteers to make sure Sam and Nicole get home okay. She must feel so secure in her relationship with Jason, now that she's letting him have sex with her. Uh-oh.

Lafayette bravely goes up to talk to Jessica, and at first, it's a short "f--- you," "f--- you" chat. But Lafayette comes back and has more lines than he's probably had all season combined. Lafayette may not know Jessica, as she said, but she doesn't know James. He rattles off questions asking her if she knows when, and how, and by whom James was turned. She doesn't. Finding a lover cheating is embarrassing, but if Jessica's honest with herself, she knows James isn't the man for her. When Jessica scoffs at the idea of James being the man for Lafayette, Lafayette explodes: Why would that be so unimaginable? "Everybody else in this f---ing town is falling in love, and getting engaged, and having babies. Has it ever f----ing occurred to you that Lafayette, that queen that make all you white heterosexuals laugh and feel good about yourselves, has it ever f---ing ever occurred to you that maybe I want a piece of happiness, too?" This is True Blood rising above being a sudsy summer guilty pleasure and saying something that needs to be said. Instantly, we're all even more invested in Lafayette getting his happy ending with James. James is a good man, Lafayette says, and if she doesn't love him, she should let him go and he'll take over from here. It's the best scene in the episode and, it has to be said again, probably the best scene Nelsan Ellis has ever received on the show.

Jessica and Jason get THE best sex scenes: Jason knows he's supposed to be talking to Jessica about her relationship with James, and he does, but he's dying to talk to someone about Violet. It's time for him to say something surprisingly profound (even doing an impersonation of Violet in the process): The reason he's okay giving Andy his grandmother's ring, which meant a lot to him, is because he doesn't want it to end up on Violet. Hearing him talk about how he does want to marry someone someday, Jessica says he might be the sweetest man in the world (or, at least the sweetest version of himself that he can only be around her). She kisses him, then catches herself. He smiles, and sweetly kisses her back. She laughs, and then they're really kissing. In that moment, there's no guilt, just happiness. It's like they're both teenagers falling in love for the first time. It's that humanity Jessica longs to be close to.

Remember how the camera panned across the yard at Bill's house and up into the bed of Jason's truck, where Jason and Jessica first had sex in season 4? Well, this time, the camera pans up from the yard at Sookie's and into the bedroom, where Jessica, with her blue flowered dress dropped to her waist, is straddling Jason, with his jeans down at his ankles, in Sookie's vanity chair. Jason and Jessica's Halloween night romp tops our list of True Blood's 15 sexiest hookups, and we may need to update the list again. It's super hot. It could just be all the moaning (which Violet overhears as she returns—instead of confronting them, she walks away, which is scary). But it's probably also the fact that you believe they care about each other, and that Jason wants to make it good for her. Deborah Ann Woll seems to have it in her contract that she won't show her breasts onscreen, and that helps, too actually: They have to get closer and be in a more intimate position so their bodies can do some natural blocking.

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