True Blood recap: Fire in the Hole

Sookie's plan ends in tragedy while Eric finds a reason to keep on fighting
Ep. 03 | Aired Jul 6, 2014

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RIP, Maxine: Even though the vigilante story line technically keeps escalating, it's already feeling a bit redundant. In this hour, they stake out what must be the one road through town and first stop Sam on his way home from having a serious discussion of faith with the Reverend. Sam tries to talk rationally, but Vince informs him the people have decided he's their new mayor. Vince ultimately shoots and kills Matt, Sam's chatty vamp escort, and tells Sam to leave Bon Temps for good. Instead, Sam says he belongs in this town, shifts into a bird, and flies away as everyone fires at him. You can add homophobia to that mob's list of offenses.

Andy and Jessica free Adilyn and Wade from the jail cell (right as they're about to kiss now that he's been reminded that they made out once before Eric glamoured him to forget it). They hear about the mob and go interrupt Violet telling Jason, who wants to adopt a child with her when this is all over, that she doesn't want a modern man who would let the sight of the mass grave in Saint Alice make him feel or think anything. She wants him to remain a warrior with an iron-forged c--k like the men of her time. Violet informs Jessica that they'll put aside their differences until after they save Sookie. The four of them stumble onto Sam's car and the vigilantes swarm. Maxine says she wants to shoot Jessica and Jason, and she'll start with Jessica for tearing Hoyt's heart out. She fires and hits Jessica in the arm. Violet earns points for ripping Maxine's heart out. After she falls, the crowd runs. Violet nabs Rocky for Andy, and Jason notices that Jessica isn't healing. (We all know why: She isn't eating.)

Will Hoyt return when he doesn't hear from his mother, or is there just too much going on for that to happen? Will we miss Maxine? Yes. It was nice to have someone we recognized and were invested in, for better or worse, in that mob. We knew Maxine more than Kenya, but now it falls on her to make us care.

More Lafayette and James, please: Lafayette is still in self-medicating denial—in other words, he's doing what most of us would be doing in a situation like this, though alcohol would be the drug of choice since we're not pharmacies. James comes over as Lafayette is having his one-man dance party, and we learn that vampires can't swallow pills. (Why not, if taken while drinking blood? Or is it more like they can't digest them?)

James is having a one-man pity party. He needs something stronger than weed as he gives Lafayette the short version of his troubles, which is that he's not sure Jessica even knows that he's around. Lafayette suggests it's James who's not present in the relationship, but that's the long version, James says. Lafayette decides he'll do the swallowing—ha—and digests a combination of pills that he thinks will give James the kind of buzz he had in the '60s. When we next see them, it's clear it's working. Lafayette has bite marks on the side of his neck, and there's the feeling that we missed what could have been a sexual-tension-filled feeding, which is sad. But producers must be saving it. They want to take this slow because it's the only will-they-won't-they couple they've got active at the moment.

If Lafayette would have overdosed, which James fears when he can't wake him, fans would have broken their TVs. But James' reaction—and the tenderness with which he heals Lafayette's puncture wounds—is meant to show Lafayette and viewers that James does care about him. In fact, James confirms Lafayette's not misreading the situation, but he's with Jessica—for now—so James is being faithful. How soon can they act on that?

Less Lettie Mae, please: Maybe Willa will get interesting again now that the Rev. has kindly kicked her out of his house. After Willa leads a tripping Lettie Mae into the church, the Rev. takes Willa home and feeds her. She must suck slower than a baby because she feeds on him for the duration of his long story about his wife cheating on him after they lost a child and him losing faith and his will to socialize—until one day, he just got dressed and ended up at the boarded-up church in Bon Temps. He found Lettie Mae on the steps, and they saved each other. Nope, still don't like Lettie Mae, but the Rev. is redeeming himself. Bottom line: He has to protect Lettie Mae, and he knows she'll continue to trick Willa into giving her blood because that's what addicts do. So he has to ask Willa to leave. God will keep him and Lettie Mae safe, he says, echoing his conversation with Sam in the church.

Will the Rev. and Lettie Mae be the next to go? Will we go to hell if we say, "Fingers crossed"?

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