True Blood recap: Lost and Found

As a search party hunts for those kidnapped by the H-vamps, Pam locates Eric and the vigilantes find weapons
Ep. 02 | Aired Jun 29, 2014

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At Fangtasia, we learn the H-vamps take 15-minute naps. Does that mean they must feed every 15 minutes? Damn. Betty asks to be the sleep monitor and plans on using the time to free Arlene and Co. She hasn't slept and she's weak, so she needs to feed before they move. Arlene offers herself, and it must be the femoral artery, so the bite marks aren't obvious. Betty takes a taste, stops, then really digs in. You're worried she's going to kill Arlene until Betty dissolves into a pile of guts between Arlene's legs. It's so gross, it's funny. You assume all the screaming wakes up the sleeping vamps. (Or that they'll all die in their sleep if it doesn't?)

Andy arrives home, and Jessica has no choice but to call him to the attic. He, of course, thinks she's eaten Adilyn, but she forces him to see that she's there to help him. She's going to find Adilyn when the sun sets. The question is, is Andy coming? Another question: Jessica hasn't eaten in a long time, that's why the bite she took of herself to feed Adilyn her blood hasn't healed. Who's she going to feed on? Andy? (Maybe Jason, if he's called in?)

After the road trip, Sookie makes her way through the cemetery alone to Bill's house. She asks him if he can still sense her fear if she gets herself into some serious s---. So maybe she does remember the mention of Fangtasia in Mary Beth's diary? A guess: She wants to head there to look for the taken and doesn't want to endanger anyone else going along. That's why she gave Alcide that passionate kiss before she left. She was saying goodbye, just in case.

Cut to Pam walking solo into a home (or church?) in France's Rhone Valley. "Un-f---in' believable," she says, then heads downstairs. There are two lingerie-clad women, one who complains that "he" won't take her blood. Pam sees who it is. We know. It's Eric. "You found me," he says, echoing the opening scene with Jason. He's sitting in a chair. His black tank top shows the Hep-V veins on his chest. Even his hair looks sad. Nooo. We've spent the last nine months wondering how Eric would survive bursting into flames—still going with an avalanche theory, personally—only to lose him to Hep-V?

It almost feels like a punishment for fans who've objectified Skarsgard all these years (with our Skarsgard Your Loins PopWatch category, we're guilty), but truly, you've got to think it's being done to give Pam and Eric quality scenes together before the end of the series. We've seen how he turned her in 1905, but there's so much of their history to still explore. The writer of this episode tells us we'll find out in the next hour why Pam is so shocked that Eric would go to the Rhone Valley. Is he there looking for a cure, or there to die in a place that has some kind of significance to the two of them?

Also, why would Eric turn down blood? Guess: Once infected, vampires can sniff out the Hep-V virus in human carriers. That one vamp had sniffed and avoided Arlene in the premiere—if she's a carrier, and Betty was too tired to notice, that could explain Betty's rapid demise as she fed. Can Eric be saved?

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