True Blood recap: Lost and Found

As a search party hunts for those kidnapped by the H-vamps, Pam locates Eric and the vigilantes find weapons
Ep. 02 | Aired Jun 29, 2014

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With Kenya, the other cop in town, at the station, Adilyn warns her that the vigilantes are coming to arm up, and together with Wade, they start to hide the department's arsenal... but they're too late. The mob arrives and, in Kenya's words, tries "that NRA hillbilly bulls---." She knows more of them would have been killed last night if they'd been armed, but then, she's asked to think about Andy not promoting her as promised and about him giving less-experienced Jason all the real work. Is it because she's a black woman or just because she's not a lead character on the show? It's a smart card to play. Kenya goes to handcuff Adilyn, who Maxine had pointed out was a newborn the last time they all checked, and Adilyn fairy-zaps her. Adilyn and Wade are led away, and while Jessica can sense it, with it being daylight, there's nothing she can do. (Throwing your cell away was so stupid, Sookie.) Let the mob target practice/party commence. This is why you don't give these people guns, though that shot of Maxine practicing her trash-talk in a computer screen is perfection.

The search party finds Mary Beth's house and through cold pizza forensics, Jason determines that she was one of the last people attacked in the town 2.5 days ago. Everyone spreads out. Andy sees wedding photos and decides he's going to marry Holly because a man is nothing without family. Jason, in one of his tender moments, goes to comfort father-to-be Sam, who's in a baby's nursery. Sookie meanwhile reads some of Mary Beth's diary to Alcide while looking for clues. Mary Beth had also met a vampire, Henry. She fell in love with him, and he took her to Fangtasia. Sound familiar? (Sookie remembers the night she giddily dressed to go to Fangtasia on her "non-date" with Bill.) She reads about Mary Beth's sister and brother-in-law being taken and her wondering why she doesn't just give herself and the baby sleeping pills. Mary Beth hopes someone will still have the decency to not kill a baby. Alcide stops Sookie, but that's where the diary ends anyway.

Lettie Mae accidentally burns her wrist cooking, then purposely fries her hand so Willa can be talked into healing her with her blood. Doesn't part of you wish Willa, startled by being woken up, had killed Lettie Mae when she tossed her? As sudden as Tara's death seemed in the season premiere, how much do you really want this Lettie Mae story line dragged out? High on V, she sees Tara, wearing a white dress and a live snake around her body, hanging on a cross. Tara angrily speaks in tongues as Lettie Mae shouts that she needs answers.

On the drive back to Bon Temps, Alcide proves he really is a good boyfriend by telling Sookie that neither she nor Mary Beth is responsible for bringing vamps to their towns or making H-vamps. All Sookie is guilty of is falling hard and fast for her first love—and that makes her human. When Sookie says she's worried about their town following in the dead footsteps of Saint Alice, Alcide suggests they could just keep driving and save themselves. That's not the answer, Sookie says.

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