True Blood recap: Lost and Found

As a search party hunts for those kidnapped by the H-vamps, Pam locates Eric and the vigilantes find weapons
Ep. 02 | Aired Jun 29, 2014

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Sookie and the gang find the dead girl, learn she's Mary Beth Grant, a 25-year-old from nearby Saint Alice, and decide to road trip when they can't get in touch with anyone there. Desperately in need of a trip, Lettie Mae visits Lafayette to get some V so she can see her again and help her get to heaven. Lafayette explains to Lettie Mae that it was just the V making her hallucinate—"Well it was most definitely Ghandi I was playin' Chinese Checkers with that time in the bathtub," he quips—but she insists Tara needs her. The fight ends with Lettie Mae telling Lafayette he's going to hell; he tells her that's what Bon Temps already is.

The clean-up effort at Bellefleur's takes a nasty turn when former mayoral candidate–turned–vigilante leader Vince shows up. Sam being on a mysterious field trip and the discovery of corpses in the freezer makes this the right time to tell the scared townsfolk about Sam shifting into a dog. Hoyt's mother, Maxine, says it wasn't just the NyQuil then that had her seeing Sam shift from a bear a year ago. Somehow Vince and his followers convince the sane townspeople that dog Sam, telepathic Sookie, and Bill-protecting Andy are in cahoots and can't be trusted. They have to arm up. Luckily, Adilyn overhears dead cop Kevin's lady friend/coworker Rosie thinking about the weapons at the police station, so she convinces her crush Wade to leave. His brother Rocky stays behind and, on Vince's suggestion, starts tearing apart Bellefleur's to make stakes.

When Betty comes down for another victim, Arlene gives the speech of her life and convinces her to help them escape. Betty knows she's going to die either way, Arlene argues, but she can choose how she goes out—saving lives or taking them. (How angry would you be if you were someone in that basement who wasn't in Arlene's group?)

The loud whimpering in that scene makes the silence of the drive through ghost town Saint-Alice even more disturbing. It's like season 1 of The Walking Dead. There's no one on the street. Messages spray-painted on the boarded-up buildings speak of looting, sleeping inside with 100 pounds of silver and two UV guns, and prayers for the sinners as death is surely coming. Sam climbs a pile of tires to get a better view of "FEMA HELP US" written on the road and "SOS" painted on a roof—shades of Hurricane Katrina. Sookie calls the guys over to a mass grave she finds—there's no one left.

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