True Blood series finale recap: 'Thank You'

Bill makes one more request of Sookie, as Jessica allows him to feel his most human.
Ep. 10 | Aired Aug 24, 2014

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Sookie's choice: Before the wedding, Sookie had gone to see Jason to tell him about Bill's proposal that she use her fairy light ball. Jason's reaction was pure self-aware Jason—he's not smart enough to offer her advice on what to do but he's sweet enough to tell her he'll love her no matter what she decides. Sookie had also had a memory the previous night of her and Tara running home to her house as kids in the rain and Gran making them hot chocolate. Tara was thinking about Jason, and Sookie was saying she'd never find a boy to be with because they have such nasty thoughts. But Gran told Sookie that the only limitations are the ones we place on ourselves. In short, Sookie decides her happiness and can fight for whatever she wants. That memory, combined with her post-wedding chat with the Rev. about God appreciating the concept of free will, made Sookie think she should do as Bill suggested.

She arranges to have Bill's grave dug up, and she meets him in the cemetery after changing from her pink wedding dress to her black funeral one. She doesn't want to let go, but Bill says it's time. They kiss, she cries, and as Bill says, "Thank you," the tears start flowing at home. He opens his coffin and finds the photo he took with his daughter before the war—making all those flashbacks almost worth it. "Bill, I'll never forget you," Sookie tells him. "I wish I could say the same, but I don't know what happens next," he tells her honestly. And then, Sookie stares at her light ball. For a really long time, as we try not to think about the bad visual effects. Stay in the moment. Stay in the moment. She realizes she can't sacrifice herself for Bill: Being fae is part of her truth, as much as Jason is her brother and her parents are her parents.

But since Bill still wants to die, she breaks a stake off of a shovel, climbs into the grave, straddles him in his coffin, and helps him pierce his chest with the wood after they say "I love you" and kiss one final time. She's covered in Bill's blood as she sobs for what seems like an eternity. Then she miraculously crawls out of the grave, shovels the dirt into the ground with her hands, and walks home. There's something about her being covered in that much blood that does make it hit you—darkness is what Bill's made of at his core. He and Sookie weren't the same. Of course, we're still rooting for Arlene and Keith, Lafayette and James, and Hoyt and Jessica, but you know, go with it. Sookie is too special to be with a vampire? Too blonde?

The Happy Ending: We jump to about a year later, and watch as Eric and Pam film an awesomely bad infomercial for New Blood, which they claim they synthesized from drops of Sarah Newlin's blood left behind. Three years after that, they're at the New York Stock Exchange. The following Thanksgiving, we see them at Fangtasia, back in business, where Eric is still on his throne and Pam is charging $100,000 a minute for vampires to drink from a still-chained Sarah Newlin. Sarah is a prostitute, just as Pam promised. And Sarah's losing her mind—Steve Newlin is there as a hallucination to haunt her for the rest of her life. What's the Christian-turned-Buddhist thankful for now? "Nothing."

Meanwhile, Sookie hosts Thanksgiving at her house. Jason is there, along with Brigette and their three kids (at least two of which are girls). Sookie had approved of Brigette when she met her at Jason's house the day of Jessica's wedding because she read her mind and she wasn't thinking Jason was hot, she was thinking he's the sweetest. In fact, Sookie had told Jason she'd approve if he ended up sleeping with Brigette taking her to the airport—Hoyt was married, so it wouldn't make him, in Jason's words, a "girlfriend f---er" again. Apparently, that's exactly what happened. Sorry we missed that. One more Jason Stackhouse sex scene would've been nice. Then again, this season has been about seeing him as more than a sexual object. So fine.

Everyone but Pam and Eric were at Sookie's for Thanksgiving, including Sam, Nicole, and their two kids. The couples were all intact: Hoyt and Jessica, Lafayette and James, Arlene and Keith, the Rev. and Lettie Mae, Holly and Andy, Adilyn and Wade. Sookie is pregnant, and finally we see her embrace a dark-haired man whose face we never catch a glimpse of. It's a warm, realistic ending full of family and friends and, if we remember that Sookie wanted a normal life, it could be satisfying. Like Gran had insisted, Sookie found a way to be extraordinary in an ordinary life. But it didn't have you cheering, or weeping, or feeling some other extreme emotion, which is what some fans may have wanted out of a series finale. Even though it hasn't been Team Eric vs. Team Bill for a while now, those loyalties die hard. So Team Faceless Human is tough to swallow, even if it's right. Like Sookie, we need to get back to reality and find the beauty in everyday life. (Though again, Arlene, Hoyt, and Lafayette don't have to.)

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