True Blood recap: A Place in the Sun

Terry’s funeral is a tearjerker, while Eric and Bill have different priorities at Vamp Camp
Ep. 09 | Aired Aug 11, 2013

SWEET DREAMS Before he bolted, Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) healed Jason with his blood. 


Outside Vamp Camp, Eric and the others started destroying the cases of contaminated Tru Blood. In Honolulu, we saw a Tru Blood delivery man killed as vampires took his load. Did they somehow get word even there that the blood was bad, and they were destroying it? Or, were they hungry vampires stealing it for themselves?

The bloody Lilith trio continued to haunt Bill. “Come, your time on earth is over,” they told him. “I’m not goin’ anywhere,” he said. He summoned Jessica. While Eric destroyed the room where Nora was infected, the bloody trio walked closer to Bill. James had come with Jessica and decided he would feed Bill -- if Bill’s blood saved them, maybe returning some of it would save him.

We watched the gun salute for Terry and listened to “Taps” being played (again, everyone rightfully teared up). Sookie listened in to Arlene’s thoughts: She could’ve still have done without the guns, but she thought Terry would have really appreciated the rest of it. That’s as happy an ending as we could’ve hoped for.

Jessica and James emerged from Vamp Camp... followed by Bill. Everyone cheered him and thanked him. Jessica said they should take the party back to her and Bill’s house. Ginger was happy to feed everyone. Violet had caught up to Jason and reminded him that he’ll feed only her.

Everyone walked off -- but Pam. She stopped and saw Eric standing alone in the distance. “Don’t you dare leave me,” she said. Up he flew. Noooooooooo. How did you read that? Has the pain of losing Nora made him not want to be close to anyone again, ever? Or is he just not ready to party with Bill, at the house where Nora died, but he’ll come back to Bon Temps eventually?

Other questions: How long does Warlow’s blood last in vampires' systems? What’s going to happen to all those vampires infected with Hep V? Should Eric have killed them, or did he want them free to hurt humans outside the compound? And will Sookie keep her promise to Warlow?

Your turn. Theories for how the season finale plays out?

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