True Blood recap: A Place in the Sun

Terry’s funeral is a tearjerker, while Eric and Bill have different priorities at Vamp Camp
Ep. 09 | Aired Aug 11, 2013

SWEET DREAMS Before he bolted, Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) healed Jason with his blood. 


Lafayette’s turn to speak. He wore a killer suit and hat with purple accents -- along with heavy eyeshadow and gorgeous long lashes. “Is that a boy or a girl?” Grandma Bellefleur asked. He spoke of Terry’s first day in the kitchen. Lafayette knew Terry knew nothing about cooking and didn’t want anyone, let alone a soldier, leaning on him. (Shoutout to the marines in attendance.) But then as Terry burnt some french fries, Lafayette looked into his eyes and saw his troubled but good-hearted soul. “I want to be good at this job. Will you help me?” Terry asked. He said he didn’t want to f--- this up and Lafayette said he wouldn’t let him. He taught him how to dip the fries with his entire body -- how to "sexy the dip" and how to "cha-cha the dip." AMAZING.

About this time at Vamp Camp, Eric heard a scream that he recognized. “Hello, Ginger,” he said, finding her and other humans in white robes. “Well, if it isn’t my knight in shining armor,” she said. It’s not as good as Eric having sex with her (finally), but it’s sweet that he saved her.

Portia’s story at the funeral revolved around Terry teaching her how to swing. It was nice, but clearly we’d reached the end of the speakers. The preacher said if no one else wanted to talk, it was Arlene’s turn. Sookie listened in to Arlene’s thoughts and heard that she wasn’t ready, so Sookie went up. It was another tissue moment. Sookie revealed to everyone there that she’s a telepath, which was brave and necessary if they were going to believe her when she told them what Terry’s first thoughts were about Arlene: that she was the prettiest woman he’d ever seen, that she could make him write music again, and that she made coming out of the woods not too scary. Sookie said that he’d loved Arlene since the second she’d walked into his life. Arlene teared up, and Sookie teared up, and everyone teared up, and I teared up. Arlene hugged Sookie and thanked her.

Alcide moved into the empty seat next to Sookie so she had a shoulder to cry on. I realized how much I miss Joe Manganiello's long hair (he's since cut it).

NEXT: Is Bill the hero?

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