True Blood recap: The Ultimatum

While Sookie decides whether to save her friends or herself, Sarah Newlin has her craziest scene yet
Ep. 08 | Aired Aug 4, 2013

THE BRIDE Sookie (Anna Paquin) has agreed to be Warlow's. Will she really follow through?


At home, Sookie called Jason and left him a long voicemail. She told him about Terry and asked him where Niall is. She’s hoping to see Jason at Terry’s funeral. She said she’d save him a seat and that she loves him. Then, she phoned Bill and said to pick her up in an hour.

Meanwhile, Adilyn and one of Holly’s boys were about to have sex in the cemetery -- romantic! -- when Eric appeared. He glamoured the boys into forgetting they saw him or Adilyn. He felt bad about making the one forget that he’d gotten her shirt off. Ha. He told the boys to go home, and then he chased down Adilyn, who’d made a run for it. He drank from her.

While Sookie put on a short black lace dress and high heels that, let’s face it, were not suitable for busting into Vamp Camp or burying Terry, Tara made the mistake of saying that they should just let Violet drink the Tru Blood and then their Jason problem would be solved. Violet overheard Tara say Jason’s name and got into a fight with Pam, whose voice she recognized from earlier. Pam said the only reason she’d tried to interrupt Violet feeding on Jason was because Willa was hungry, too. Violet asked why Willa couldn’t just drink the Tru Blood. The scientists overhead that -- and they all joined Steve and James. Jessica told them they’re all going to meet the sun in that room.

Andy is fast becoming the show’s best hugger. He embraced a sobbing Adilyn when he found her running on the road. She had fang marks on her neck, so he decided she’d been through enough and didn’t yell at her.

Sookie took hold of Bill’s hands at the cemetery, and he asked her why she’d changed her mind about helping. She said destiny is too big of a bitch to keep fighting. When they crossed over, she saw Warlow passed out. He'd been bitten in the neck. She asked who did this to him. He didn’t answer. But Bill did. “Eric,” he said.

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