True Blood recap: The Killing

The season 6 body count grows as Gov. Burrell's plan becomes clear
Ep. 06 | Aired Jul 21, 2013

SWITCHING UNIFORMS Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) traded in his prison blues for LAVTF gear as part of an escape plan.


In the room with Eric, Nora said she wasn't afraid of dying. She was going to Godric again. But Eric isn't prepared to let her go. In gen pop with Tara, Willa started feeling ill. Tara told her that was Eric summoning her. Tara told her how to flirt with a guard to get him to help her. When Willa found Eric and Nora, Eric changed into the guard's outfit and Nora put on a scientist's lab coat. Eric had told Willa to tear off one of the scientist's arms after she got the coat off for Nora. Smart. They needed that handprint to get through doors. Watching them pass it back and forth matter of factly -- hilarious.

Eric said he wasn't leaving without Pam, and fine, he'd save Tara and Jessica, too, if Willa insisted. Eric ended up in the room where they were bottling Tru Blood. He saw the same color liquid that had been used on Nora. Still dressed as a guard, Eric heard the men say the bottles weren't ready for gen pop yet. But all the bottles would be contaminated. To quote Eric, "F--- me." That's why Burrell was willing to die: He knew by putting Willa in gen pop, he was killing her.

Ah, the final scene. I have no idea what's gotten in to Sookie. I guess when your ghost father tries to kill you, you're going to do some crazy s---. She told Warlow that the town consensus on her is that she's a "danger whore." She admitted she has feelings for Warlow that she can't stop herself from having. If it was an isolated incident, she could blow it off. But since this is a pattern, perhaps she should just accept this about herself. She secured Warlow's restraints with more fairy light because, "I might be a whore, but I ain’t stupid. And you need to feed," she told him. Then, she let him drink from her neck. She ripped open his shirt and then bit his neck. That was gross. I get it: We're not supposed to think this is romantic. That's why Sookie was talking like she was in a transe or something. You get the impression that she's numb. The best way to save "screw you" to everyone who thinks she's a danger whore is to screw Warlow. And so she did. She took off his pants, then her clothes (save her boots), and straddled him. As they moved, their lights seemed to merge and grow. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? Are we allowed to like Warlow now? Because I do. I almost feel sad that Sookie's feelings for him don't seem real in that moment.

Your turn. What did you think of the episode? Where do you think we go from here? Will Bilith save Nora? Will Eric have to work with Bilith to save vampires? When do Sookie and Warlow return to reality? Do you want them together?

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