True Blood recap: The Killing

The season 6 body count grows as Gov. Burrell's plan becomes clear
Ep. 06 | Aired Jul 21, 2013

SWITCHING UNIFORMS Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) traded in his prison blues for LAVTF gear as part of an escape plan.


When Bill came to, he saw the news report that Gov. Burrell was putting Tru Blood back on shelves at reduced prices. He figured Burrell was the "tyrant" that Lilith had spoken of. Bill drank the rest of the fairy blood and headed out into the sun.

Sarah, meanwhile, brought Jason in to a room to watch a "copulation study" from behind the glass. After they defined "copulation" for him, Jason was ready to meet the lady vamp. How could he not have suspected what we did: It was Jessica, of course. They hadn't told her what she was doing there. The hot shirtless male vamp, James, told her. She said she didn't even know him. And James said he wasn't going to do anything. He's a vampire not a rapist. Sarah told whoever was running the UV light ray to hit James with it. Still, he wouldn't do it. Defeated Jessica said they should just do it and took off her top. She told James it'd feel like she's a virgin, but she's not. He told her she is a person and doesn’t serve this. She said she's not a person. (She's a monster.) They zapped him again and again but he still wouldn't do it. Finally, Sarah put an end to it. As Jessica was led away, she yelled her name to James. In that moment, I decided I'd be fine if Sarah Newlin died (though I'd miss her great dialogue) and that I want to see James again.

Because that wasn't traumatizing enough, the next sequence was Terry's final moments. Arlene thanked Lafayette for saving Terry's life. A guy in the kitchen told Terry he was a good man. You knew the moment Terry picked up those garbage bags that he'd be killed depositing them outside. And that's what he was doing when we heard a single shot. He was hit in the neck and was bleeding out fast. He couldn't speak. Arlene ultimately cradled his head and told him to think about all the joy in his life. Then she sang him the lullaby he used to sing to Mikey when Mikey was still in the womb. When his eyes went glassy, Arlene gave him a kiss as Lafayette stood at the door. I suppose knowing that his story was also at a dead-end -- are we even going to see Merlotte's next season? -- this should be viewed as a mercy killing. We should be happy that in his final moments, Terry had some peace, even if it was false. You can't strip someone of their memories and expect everything to be okay. But what's in that safe-deposit box?

If that death was expected, Burrell's definitely wasn't. Bill showed up at his house as the governor was reading the bible outdoors in the garden by a statue of himself. The guards fired bullets at Bill, and they did nothing to him. Bill used his telepathy to have the guards all point guns at each other and fire. Bill asked about the white circular room and said he was there for his daughter. Burrell said his daughter had been his only reason to live and the vampires had taken her. So fine, he was prepared to be a martyr and die for the cause of making the vampire race extinct. Bilith was in no mood after his fight with Lilith. He bit Burrell's neck, and Burrell still had his wits about him: He said if you cut off one head, another one grows. So Bill ripped off his head and set it on the base of the statue. Point for Bilith.

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