True Blood recap: The Killing

The season 6 body count grows as Gov. Burrell's plan becomes clear
Ep. 06 | Aired Jul 21, 2013

SWITCHING UNIFORMS Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) traded in his prison blues for LAVTF gear as part of an escape plan.


Bill managed to reach Lilith, and he told her he wanted to find Jessica. He got understandably pissy when Lilith spoke in more riddles. "Do not take a tone with me," she said. They argued over who was the bigger f--- up: Her for turning Warlow or Bill for failing to act now. I can't wait until we're done with Lilith. We will be done with her this season, right?

Sam met with Martha and agreed to give her Emma if she promised not to go back to the pack. I bought it when Martha said she's out of the pack. You? Emma cried when Sam said goodbye and asked if she’d ever see him again. He didn’t answer. That's worrisome. He just said she and her grandmother should get going and take care of each other. That was a decent, solid decision by Sam, but also felt anticlimactic.

Terry appeared to be watching Deadliest Catch when the vampire arrived at the Bellefleur house. He told Terry the pain of the past would be gone, along with his regrets. Arlene told the man to tell him there was no marines, no war. All Terry needs to know is that he's a father, a stepfather, a husband, and a cook. It was nice to see Terry smile and ask Arlene to sit on his lap when it was all over, but his pain transferred to the audience: We knew Arlene just erased his ability to call off the hit. She really should have told the vamp to ask if Terry was planning on killing himself. Then, maybe, they would have had a clue...

Jason got fast-tracked into LAVTF, obviously, and Sarah Newlin threatened to expose him when she first got wind of him being there as he told fellow LAVTF and the suit who seemed to be their leader about infiltrating the Authority. Sarah asked for a moment alone with Jason, and she wanted to know what he was doing: He told her he was "grabbing you by your pretty little Texas balls" and getting Jessica out. If she exposed him, he'd tell the man what a “whore for Christ” she is. Should've guessed Sarah wouldn't back down..

Willa asked to see her father and said she wanted to be put in general population. He said it's safer for her in solitary and that he hopes the research they're doing there will one day lead to a cure for her. But she insisted she be in gen pop so she could talk to Tara and get help figuring out who she was now as a vampire.

Alcide finally caught up to Sam and Nicole. My cable was cutting in and out during this scene -- even it's bored by this arc. But basically, Alcide was being a douche and Sam said now that Martha has Emma, this tiff between them was ending one way or the other that night. Alcide's eyes turned wolf-y, but then they calmed down. He told Sam and Nicole to leave for god. If Sam shows his face in Shreveport or Bon Temps or anywhere one of his wolves catches a scent, he's dead. Hmmm. What does that mean for Sam on the show? I mean, his story line has kind of hit a dead-end, and I can't imagine Terry being gunned down outside Merlotte's will be good for business. But are we ready to lose levelheaded Sam? Is Nicole worthy of him?

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