True Blood recap: The Killing

The season 6 body count grows as Gov. Burrell's plan becomes clear
Ep. 06 | Aired Jul 21, 2013

SWITCHING UNIFORMS Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) traded in his prison blues for LAVTF gear as part of an escape plan.


Even though the sun never sets on the fairy plane, Warlow could feel the evening hours coming. He asked Sookie to tie him up because at night, he can’t be trusted not to hurt her. The other times he’s seen her at night, he’s fed first. He sat lounging with his hands behind his neck and tied around a tree. Fairy light, it turns out, can be used to reinforce restraints. I was hoping they’d have time to make out before he got fang-y, because again, he looked pretty dreamy. Little did I know!

Again with the buzz kill, Jackson called Alcide over to his hotel to tell him about Sam, Nicole, and Emma being in room 117. Only Jackson had waited a few hours to do it because he had “money in the meter” that was Jenny the naked werewolf prostitute. So Sam and Co. had already left by the time Alcide and Jackson went to the room and picked up their scent.

Another aside: We saw Andy finally name daughter No. 4, who asked for a name that would help her remember her sisters. Andy gave her four names, but we'll just call her Adilyn. For some reason, it doesn't bother me when we have these brief Andy interludes, but the Terry ones still bore me. He visited Lafayette, and they had an awkward exchange as Terry gave him the key to a safe-deposit box that Arlene hadn't known about and hugged him goodbye. I wanted Lafayette to call Arlene and warn her about Terry's behavior, but now I'm sad he did. Arlene correctly assumed that Terry was suicidal, and Holly suggested they have her son's friend's dad's husband glamour Terry to forget all his pain.

Speaking of pain, Warlow and Sookie continued their conversation in an effort to distract him. He told her that the contract promising her to him was written in the 1700s, when arranged marriages weren't as taboo as they are today. He offered to tear up the contract and told her how he had killed Lilith because he hated what she turned him into. If Sookie would be his, they could go wherever they want and only feed on each other. They'd never have to hurt anyone else. But, Sookie noted, she'd have to become a vampire, too.

Back at Vamp Camp, Gov. Burrell came into a room literally dancing to find Eric handcuffed in a tall dog cage. Burrell wants Eric to feel the same kind of immeasurable loss that he felt losing Willa, and since the shrink has a thing for Pam (remember that), Steve Newlin told them Nora was the next best thing. She was wheeled in and injected with a lethal strain of "Hepatitis V." Burrell then wheeled her closer to Eric's cage, so he could enjoy the show of her dying. "I love you, brother," Nora said when they were alone. "I love you, sister," he answered.

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