True Blood recap: Vamp Camp

While cell blocks got more crowded, an old friend paid Jason a visit and trouble found Sookie (as always)
Ep. 05 | Aired Jul 14, 2013

UP FOR PROMOTION Jason (Ryan Kwanten) is joining the LAVTF to save Jessica. Only downside: They wear a lot of clothes.

John P. Johnson

Back inside Vamp Camp, Jessica didn’t want her blood ration and the other ladies were prepared to jump Tara for it. A No. 1 told them to cool it, and they all dispersed. Now that No. 1 thinks Tara and Jessica owe her. Willa called out to Tara as she was being led to a VIP room by a guard who said he’s made friends with many she-vamps: “Kinda like I scratch your back, you lick my balls.” The guard doesn’t think Willa’s dad will care what he said when she tells him. Oh, I think he will, sir. Willa doesn’t have a level on her shirt. Perhaps she’ll be spared from experiments.

While Jason prepared to join the LAVTF to save Jessica, Sookie and Lafayette set up in her dining room to ask her parents, Corbett and Michelle, what happened the night they died. Lafayette couldn’t make out what they were saying, so Sookie read his mind and saw how Warlow had calmly visited them in their dining room that night and explained Sookie was a fairy. He said he had been promised her, and that when she was of age, he’d come back for her, make her a vampire-fairy too, and keep her safe for eternity. Then her father put Sookie in the car to go kill her because he didn’t want that to happen to her. Her mother would rather Sookie live forever than die, but she got in the car to say goodbye.

Sookie’s father took over Lafayette’s body and tried to explain that he loved her, even though Sookie didn’t think that was love. Believing Warlow had gotten to Sookie, he bound her and put her in the trunk of a car. Maybe you should’ve zapped him with your fairy light before he grabbed you, Sookie? She couldn’t stop him? Really?

So now I’m rooting for Warlow to save her. Which means he has to get out of his cell. He took Prof. Hido Takahashi hostage and told Bilith he’d kill him. Because of Bilith, he’d killed a lot of innocents, including his village. Apparently Lilith had told him he couldn’t return to it, but he did in 3496 BC. He hugged his father, and smelled him. His fangs popped out. Niall's mother told him to stay inside his hut. The massacre started. And when it ended, Warlow saw Niall and let him live. He went back to a cave where Lilith was sleeping, used his fairy light to blow a hole in the wall and let sunlight in to fry her. Bilith needs Warlow to avoid extinction but Warlow wants vampires to become extinct. Does he really mean all of them or just ones like Bilith? Do we like Warlow or not like Warlow? HELP!

Back at the Camp, Sarah led the governor into a viewing room where Steve and others were waiting. They could all see into the circular room, where Eric was escorted. Eric and the governor exchanged “f--- you”s, and Eric seemed genuinely shocked that the governor had incarcerated Willa. They gave Eric a stake, and he asked for something to kill. We all knew who’d enter, right? PAM. Steve provided the intel. Finn was there, too, and told Pam to show him how little Eric meant to her. They just stood there. “Haven’t you seen Gladiator? F---in’ fight,” Sarah barked.

Sookie’s dad walked her to the river. That night, years ago, he’d put NyQuil in her juice. She was out cold and never would have known. Now she was kicking and screaming and pleading for her life as he dunked her head in the water to drown her. That's gotta be worse to film than the underwear fight, right?

Your turn. What did you think of the episode? Where do you stand on Warlow now?

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