True Blood recap: Vamp Camp

While cell blocks got more crowded, an old friend paid Jason a visit and trouble found Sookie (as always)
Ep. 05 | Aired Jul 14, 2013

UP FOR PROMOTION Jason (Ryan Kwanten) is joining the LAVTF to save Jessica. Only downside: They wear a lot of clothes.

John P. Johnson

Gov. Burrell was also on his way to the camp, after he convinced Sarah Newlin that he had to be the one to escort Willa there. She tried to tell him that like her sister and Steve, Willa is gone now that she’s a vampire, but he won’t believe that. She told him she wanted to have a baby with him and all he had to do was put a ring on it. He’s not ready to talk about replacing Willa or marrying her, even though when Sarah came to him and offered him her money, connections, and love, he said nothing would separate them. As he left the bedroom, Sarah scolded him for taking her for granted like Steve had. “When a woman comes to you in black lingerie, you unwrap her.” Ha!

Bill had taken Warlow to his underground research lab. Warlow wanted to know how Bill could command him to do things and Bill explained that he drank Lilith’s blood, she’s a part of him, he has her memories, and now he’s one of her prophets. Bilith told him to resist the urge to try to kill him and to stay put. While he extracted some of his blood, we got a flashback to 3500 B.C.

After asking Niall's mother when she was due, Ben went to get water. It must have been a hell of a long walk to the river, because it was pitch black when naked Lilith appeared. She sped over to Ben, circled him while wondering what he was and smelling him, and ripped off his man-skirt and mounted him where he stood. She scratched his back and tasted him. “God spoke to me of a creature like you. You are destined to save vampire-kind,” she said. Then she bit his neck. Warlow told Bilith she’d turned him into something he despised. Bilith said it was their salvation.

Sarah was waiting outside Jason’s house when he arrived home. I was expecting her to just open her coat and let him unwrap her, but she wanted to talk first. She said she had a new calling and a new powerful man, and Jason was happy for her since Steve turned out to be a gay vampire. Jason’s attention span didn’t seem like it could last for her full monologue, but she got his attention when she said she’d failed him: She’d let her broken heart after he’d wronged her stop her from saving his soul. “Listen here, you always seemed like a nice lady, behind the crazy and the hate,” Jason said. “But I ain’t the same dumb kid you met at the Fellowship.” No, he’s a man who just had a blood-lust dream about Warlow. So he took the bait when she said, “Jason Stackhouse, I’ve never felt more holy than when I was with you. And I truly believe God wants me to f--- you.” Cut to them in Jason’s bed. “How’s God feelin’ now?” he asked her. “Righteous,” she said. And heterosexual, Jason added.

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