True Blood recap: Hide and Seek

Eric knocks on Ginger's door, as Bill and Niall attempt to keep things interesting at Sookie's
Ep. 03 | Aired Jun 30, 2013

MR. NORTHMAN Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) looks finger-licking good, as usual.

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Nicole, Jesse, and two other Vampire Unity Society members went to see the wolf pack, which had to be the dumbest move EVER. An owl we’d seen earlier was still there, so if you hadn’t already guessed it was Sam, you did now. As you’d expect, the wolves wanted nothing to do with VUS. Alcide just wanted to take their cameras, which had pictures of Emma on them, and send them on their way, but Rikki and Jesse got into a verbal tiff that then turned physical. She shifted, as did other wolves, and I think everyone but Nicole got themselves mauled to death. Nicole ran, and I assume it was wolf Alcide who stopped her from getting dead. Sam had shifted back into human form and got Emma out of the house she was being kept in. Instead of running away, he told Emma they had to help Nicole. 1.) Where was Lafayette? 2.) Lafayette was right: She is trouble.

Over at Ginger’s, she answered Eric’s cell phone. It was the governor calling. Upon seeing Eric and Willa in the coffin together, Pam said it was like Sookie all over again. Eh, I think that long white lingerie was to remind us of Sookie’s first night with Bill, and make us think this could be the start of something oddly romantic with Willa and Eric. But it’s not. Though Willa told Eric her father would be tracing the call, Eric thought his phone was untraceable. He told Tara to stay with Willa and tape her mouth shut again while the others went into the other room and watched as Eric told the governor he was definitely going to kill Willa, he was just deciding how. The vampire hearing came into play: Eric heard one of the governor’s men say, “Got ‘em, sir,” so he knew they had traced the call and would be on their way there. And Tara overheard Eric’s plan to kill Willa, so Tara had taken Willa away. Go, Tara! I mean, Eric could probably kill her for that, but it’s nice that she’s sticking up for her own do-not-kill-innocent-humans beliefs. (Though couldn’t Pam just summon Tara back?) Anyway, Eric glamoured Ginger so she’d buy them some time.

When Ben arrived back at Sookie’s with Niall, Sookie was predictably pissy. Niall assumed it was Warlow who’d massacred the fairies at the club and had a vial of shiny blood from the scene. There are a few things they don’t know about Warlow, he said. Sookie wasn’t feeling hospitable, but when Ben offered to help her sweep up the plates Bill had broken, she warmed up a bit. She wondered why she could feel him reading her thoughts but not the other fairies. Wait, IS HE WARLOW? Is Warlow part fairy-part vampire? Is that how he managed to get into the club, and why Sookie can feel him reading her thoughts? He looks different from any other fairy we’ve seen on the show before. Could that be because he’s trying to get Sookie to fall for him? Discuss.

Niall broke up the romantic cleaning moment because he sensed someone outside. He zapped the person -- and it was Nora. She’s looking for Warlow, so she’s been hanging around Sookie’s house apparently. Not a bad plan. When Sookie screamed because Jason had collapsed inside the house (AGAIN), Nora darted off. Niall followed her, and Ben went to help Sookie. Maybe NOW they’ll take Jason to a hospital?

The last scene of the episode involved Andy stopping "Vampire Bill" for violating curfew. Bill saw the stuffed animal in the front of the patrol car, and Andy told Bill he now has four daughters. It’s so sweet that Andy thinks Bill was being kind when he gave him the advice to enjoy the girls now because they’ll be out of his house soon. We knew from Bill’s smile that he’s thinking of kidnapping them so the professor can synthesize their blood.

As far as cliffhangers go, it’s not too exciting, unless we get a Raising Arizona homage. Fingers crossed.

Your turn. What did you think of the episode?

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