True Blood recap: Hide and Seek

Eric knocks on Ginger's door, as Bill and Niall attempt to keep things interesting at Sookie's
Ep. 03 | Aired Jun 30, 2013

MR. NORTHMAN Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) looks finger-licking good, as usual.

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Now for the best scene of the episode: In the coffin with Eric, Willa took the tape off her mouth and tried to wake Eric with, “Mister. Mister. Mister.” She wanted to talk, she said, to distract herself from thinking about what little time she had to live. She told him how her mother had an affair with a vampire who owns a bar in Hollywood like Eric’s. “There’s only one Fangtasia, Willa,” he said. Correct. Willa had wanted to live out there with them, but her dad had vetoed it.

Eric thought she was telling him this to prove she’s like her mommy and likes vamps. She does, she said. Very much. Oh Willa, do not try to seduce Eric. He is so beyond you. Willa saw that Eric had the bleeds and touched his face. Before she could lick the blood off her finger, Eric stopped her. He said he couldn’t let her do that. Why? I’d like to see those sex dreams, please, and the show could use them. Instead, Eric put her finger in his mouth and licked his blood off of it. That’s the best Eric moment in AGES. “Now put your tape back on,” Eric told her. And like the rest of us, she was breathless. Rewind!

We cut outside to see Ben arrive at the fairy field just as Niall came walking out of the club. Apparently it took Ben an extra day to find this place. Once Niall figured out Ben was part fairy, he was awfully chatty and told him how he’d hunted Warlow across the centuries. Ben figured out Niall was the fairy king and bowed. Niall had intended to build an army at the club to fight Warlow, but Ben will have to do now. He’s happy to repay Sookie’s kindness and fight on her behalf. Though he wasn’t sure Sookie would be happy to see him.

Jessica convinced Bill to let her help him save everyone, and he told her to go fetch the professor who is credited with essentially creating Tru Blood. He told her to dress inappropriately, and so she did -- like a naughty schoolgirl, who wanted private tutoring in organic chemistry.

I’d say the reunion of Sarah and Steve Newlin was the second best scene of the episode. It was a jolt of fresh energy, and the actors clearly have a good time playing off each other. Steve thought she had shown up to save him. “Oh, that’s good. You’re funny as a vampire,” she quipped. She was hurt and embarrassed after he disappeared with their friends and their money. She’d written a bestseller, and now she’s a politician because she learned you can affect more change in politics than you can from the pulpit. She told him the camp was everything the Fellowship of the Sun used to dream about -- a way to eradicate the vampire race. The doctor came back in and was prepared to torture Steve to find out everything he knows about Eric, but no need: Steve is ready to sing.

Back at Sookie’s, there was a knock at the door. It was Bill. He told her he needed her help, and if she doesn’t give it to him, Tara and the other vamps will die. She refused to invite him in, but he came in anyway. Another new power. Sookie called for Jason. I suppose it was a reflex, but she should have known she was only setting Jason up to fail. Bill pinned him against the wall with his mind. In the kitchen, Bill explained that he wants some of Sookie’s blood so he can synthesize it. This conversation did not go well: “You’re not god, Bill. You’re just an asshole,” she said. To his credit, he did leave when she said if she’d ever meant anything to him, he’d go. Of course, he also said she’s now dead to him. She’s fine with that. When he left, Jason dropped from the wall and rolled down the stairs. SERIOUSLY, TAKE THIS GUY TO THE HOSPITAL.

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