True Blood recap: Hide and Seek

Eric knocks on Ginger's door, as Bill and Niall attempt to keep things interesting at Sookie's
Ep. 03 | Aired Jun 30, 2013

MR. NORTHMAN Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) looks finger-licking good, as usual.

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Back home at Sookie’s, Jason was recuperating in her bed, still apparently keeping his gun down his pants. Sookie wanted to take him to the hospital -- YES! -- but he said this is just another in the long lines of concussions he’s had in his life. YES, AND THAT’S A PROBLEM. SOOKIE SHOULD KNOW THIS. Jason said he must be feeling better because the hallucinations have stopped. He told Sookie he felt guilty for making their parents racist in them, and she told him that their parents weren’t as perfect as he remembered. Their mother, for instance, was scared of Sookie until the day she died. It was nice to hear Jason acknowledge that Sookie is smarter than him. (And it was kind that she deflected the comment and said it’s just because she’s had fewer concussions.)

We saw Andy and his deputy unpacking their new anti-vampire gear, including the weapons and contact lenses. Holly came to the station to complain about vampires scratching on the doors and windows of her hotel room all night and scaring her and the boys. (That would be horrifying, unless it was, like, David Arquette in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie.) Andy’s four daughters were there, now looking like tweens. He hasn’t named them yet. He’s just calling them by numbers.

We next saw Rikki running through the woods beating a police car back to Martha’s place. She and Alcide tried to tell the cops that Martha had emphysema and was sleeping, but they wouldn’t leave until they got to ask her about Emma. Emma had refused to shift, but as Martha went outside to cough her way through her chat with the cops, Rikki threatened Emma. When the cops came inside for a look, they found Rikki sitting with puppy Emma and left. It’s interesting: I want to hate Rikki, but the reason she wasn’t with Alcide and the others at Sam’s place is because she was against them taking Emma. She believes the cops are close to figuring out there are werewolves and shifters, and once they do, they’ll do the same thing to them as they’re doing to the vamps. (So, okay, she’s not exactly thinking of Emma, or Luna’s final wishes.) Rikki thinks Alcide is inviting trouble by taking in Emma. But Alcide said Emma is parent-less thanks to him, and she’s a member of the pack. Martha told Rikki to bow to Alcide. This story line is losing me: As hot as Alcide is, I would never bow to him. Pack or no pack.

Doing a 180, we cut back to a man who does know how to treat a lady -- Andy. Yes, I just typed that. He was giving Holly target practice so she could defend herself against the vamps. His girls were there, too, and one hit a target before Holly could. “Hand lasers off,” Andy barked. Once Holly fired a good shot, one of the daughters said she could tell Andy what Holly was thinking. “Out of my head, No. 3,” Holly shouted. Now here’s the heart of the scene: Andy had taken her to a field that he and Terry had considered their sanctuary growing up and named Fort Bellefleur. He told her they don’t ever have to get naked together again, but he’d like to be her safe place, her Fort Bellefleur, when she’s read to forgive him. Holly’s softening, but for now she just wants firearm lessons.

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