True Blood recap: Hide and Seek

Eric knocks on Ginger's door, as Bill and Niall attempt to keep things interesting at Sookie's
Ep. 03 | Aired Jun 30, 2013

MR. NORTHMAN Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) looks finger-licking good, as usual.

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Eric showed up at Fangtasia with Willa in tow. Pam naturally wanted her to die immediately, after what the governor had taken from her. Tara, however, just wanted Willa to be returned safely so as not to poke the papa bear further. Eric said Willa had information he needed. While Pam and Tara packed up what little there was left to take with them when they bolted Fangtasia for good, Eric began his interrogation. Willa said there was no need to glamour her -- she hates what her father is doing as much as Eric does and wants to help him. She said money meant for the highway system was instead used to build a camp that was part prison and part research facility. The vamps that are getting arrested are being taken there. She doesn’t know where the vamp camp is. (Cut to the arrival of a new inmate: Steve Newlin.)

Eric tried to tell Pam that Fangtasia was just a bar. “Not even you believe that,” she said, forcing Eric to look back over his shoulder at his throne (where he first met Sookie). Pam was still pushing for Willa’s death, but Eric, as always, is thinking big picture: They have nothing to negotiate with but Willa. She went with them as leverage.

Over at Sam’s place, he and Lafayette woke up to hear Nicole and her boyfriend Jesse. The Vampire Unity Society had moved them inside after the fight with Alcide and the wolves. Lafayette tried to warn them, especially Jesse, that they should erase whatever they’d heard about werewolves that night. They really should’ve listened. Sensing that Sam has a soft spot for Nicole to go along with the soft voice he used with her, Lafayette told Sam that Nicole would be trouble for him. Sam said she’d have to get in line. But Nicole was right about one thing, Lafayette argued: Everyone needs helps. And since Sam has always been good to Lafayette, Lafayette is in this whether Sam wants him to be or not.

When Eric or Pam needs help, you know who they call: Ginger. That was a great scene, Ginger thinking Eric showed up at her house for their long-awaited sleepover. Of course, once she let him in, she had to open the door for Pam, Tara, and Willa. “Does this mean we’re not f---in’?” Ginger asked. Can’t blame a girl for trying! We all heard it: Eric promised that it WILL happen. Why do I feel like Ginger is going to die before it does? Eric insisted that Willa sleep with him in the coffin they kept at Ginger’s -- because he didn’t trust that Pam wouldn’t kill her. Pam and Tara shared the underground cubby.

It was nearly daylight, which meant it was time for Bill to test his theory that he is now invincible as Lilith’s prophet and able to stand in the sun. After all, it’d been sunny when they’d spoken in No Place. Jessica pleaded with him not to do it, but he did. And he fried. Honestly, if Lilith’s plan means so damn much to her, you think she’d spell it out for Bill. There’s no reason why she shouldn’t, right? Ugh.

From there, we caught up with Niall at the field that’s home to the fairy Moulin Rouge. When Niall entered, he found the club blood-soaked. He put his hand over the splatter and could hear the screams. Then he saw everything from Warlow’s perspective. He heard whimpering and found Claude still breathing. After confirming it was a vampire who somehow made his way inside the club, Niall sent Claude “home.”

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