True Blood recap: Hunters and Information Gatherers

Jason and Sookie learn a family secret, while Eric makes a bold move and Bill sees the future
Ep. 02 | Aired Jun 23, 2013

FIRST FAMILY Jason (Ryan Kwanten) isn't fairy royalty, but Sookie (Anna Paquin) is.

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Over at the Governor's mansion, we saw his daughter Willa take out her contacts as she was getting ready for bed. Do all young Southern women own long, white lingerie? She went to put down the window and saw Eric there levitating. "Oh s---," she said, presumably recognizing him as the man she'd let in to see her father earlier in the evening. "Evening Miss Burrell, why don't you invite me in?" he said. "Of course," she answered. And then Eric did that sexy affirmative growl. Swoon. "Come on in," she continued. I would have loved to see how gracefully Alexander Skarsgard could crawl through a window, but alas...

We cut back to Jessica, who'd just returned to Bill's office after burying Veronica. Again, Deborah Ann Woll is just killing it this season. Hoping he could hear her, Jessica spoke to Bill. She said if he can feel all vampires' pain, does that mean he can feel hers? She's scared. The world outside is chaos, and she's not sure if he's Lilith, if he's god. She knelt, confessed her sins, and prayed that Bilith would watch over her friends. Bless Jason, who's a good man in pain; Sookie, who tried to kill him but still loves Bill and has been good to Jessica; Pam, who needs to have the courage to let happiness in (meaning Tara, with whom she was sharing Ginger's carton of blood); and even wrong-minded Eric. She asked for him to bless Arlene, Lafayette, and Sam -- and the other good people of Bon Temps -- as well as Hoyt (wherever he is) and Bill, who she needs brought back to her. That's a clip for Woll's Emmy reel next year. She got up and walked out of the room when Bill didn't budge.

Back in No Place, Lilith told Bill he'd save them all, that he'd know what to do. "Trust what you see," she said. Then Bill was back. The TV turned itself on, and the news was covering a vampire being dragged through the street. According to the sheriff's department, since the governor had declared that vampires have no rights in the state of Louisiana, there is no crime being committed. Horrendous. Jessica and Bill realized he can see the future. And he had another vision: Jessica, Tara, Pam, Eric, and other vampires being burned in "camp."

What did you think of the episode? I hope this isn't a season where the final moment of every episode is so much more interesting than the rest of the hour.

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