True Blood recap: Hunters and Information Gatherers

Jason and Sookie learn a family secret, while Eric makes a bold move and Bill sees the future
Ep. 02 | Aired Jun 23, 2013

FIRST FAMILY Jason (Ryan Kwanten) isn't fairy royalty, but Sookie (Anna Paquin) is.

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Meanwhile, Lilith explained to Bill that God made her as vampire and Adam and Eve as humans. Though she is worshipped as a god by some, as Bill may come to be, there is only one God. A tyrant is coming, she said. Bill won the battle for her blood, so he is the one worthy of completing her work. And still, we learned nothing. Bored now. Jessica had no idea what to do. She thought perhaps Bill was hungry, so she ordered in some food -- a blonde, Veronica, from Human Edibles ("We're tasty"). Veronica said it's $50 for a bite on the wrist, $75 for the neck, and $150 for other places. When Bill didn't respond to Veronica's tender offer to make him feel better, she spooked and wanted her $50 minimum before she bolted. But then we heard bones cracking, and she was violently pulled back toward Bill as her body contorted in all kinds of positions. She knelt in front of him and her left arm was bent back over her head -- and then Veronica's blood flowed out of her mouth and into Bill's. This was nearly as shocking and disturbing as Bill's head-twisting sex with Lorena. All Jessica could do was collapse to the floor having no idea what she'd just witnessed.

Conveniently, the hot halfling Sookie was nursing woke up just as she was finishing bandaging his arm. She told him about how she recently wanted to get rid of her fairly light so she could be normal. They talked about right and wrong and other deep things that are supposed to make viewers think it's not crazy that Sookie just took a strange man into her house. Ben seems to have nowhere to go and isn't used to anyone showing him kindness. Fine, you got me. I'm curious about his back story. Sookie told him about the fairy safe place. Cut to Andy being there in the field with his four daughters yelling for Maurella to come out since he doesn't know squat about raising fairy children. She didn't. They seem perfectly happy to just run around. How hard can it be?

Jason and Grandpa returned to Sookie's house so Grandpa could go through the portal in Sookie's bathroom and see if Warlow was still on that side. Bless Jason for thinking he could go to. Grandpa returned pretty quickly, and he was wet. What does that side look like? Sookie hadn't been home because she was walking Ben to the fairy Moulin Rouge on her way to work. When he asked if he could see her again and read her mind that she was hesitating because she'd just lost Bill, it was Sookie's turn to spook. "I shouldn't be takin' walks with handsome strangers, it never ends well," she said. She told him where to find the club, and they parted ways.

Nora reading the Bible again proved fruitful. Something in this passage sparked an idea: "And so it was that the people led Lilith to the sun. And so it shall be again. As the blood ascends, two will become one. When light and dark collide, her salvation is at hand." Before Nora darted off, she told Pam that Eric never told Pam he had a sister inside the Authority because that knowledge could have gotten Pam killed -- but that Eric had often spoken to her about Pam fondly. Nora said Eric loves Pam and is what he's most proud of. Ah, I like Nora again.

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